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Dinesh Moorjani
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Try @Postmates! Use my referral code, 6bpq, to get $10 in credit when you sign up. Download the app:
Check out Next! It’s a fun new way to share and find music you love.…
save the date - @m1summit "Mobile-First Summit" 5/20, NYC. Info + Early Bird tix @ #mobile
The light inventor - real innovation at its finest…
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Michael Solon: The Revenue Deficit From Progressive Tax Rates via @WSJ
Kleverbeast is launching today can now easily create mobile apps without any coding. Get your free trial at @huangkuan Congrats ...Feelytics community growing fast! Check it out!
Rational thinking on taxes: tax consumption, not hard work. "Mickelson has a point on taxes" -…
Tinder: Finding Traction On Campuses, IAC's New Dating App Makes It Easy To Break The Ice… via @TechCrunch
Rothkopf: Cliff deal no victory for America…
Disruptions: Devices on Planes Are Dangerous Because of F.A.A. Rules
Amazing and beautiful. Inspiration for all of us…
Ways to charge devices in a power outage…
Seriously? 2 hr wait at shake shack at 10:30 pm ET in Madison Sq Park on a weeknight! That's a burger fail...…
Arthur Laffer: The Real 'Stimulus' Record #WSJ
NYTimes: The Trouble With Online Education
Drop Out, Start Up - amazing opportunity.
Flummoxed by Failure---or Focused?
George Shultz: Memo to Romney --- Expand the Pie
"My advice to everyone is tweet hard, fast, and often." -Adam Huie Cofounder of @HatchLabs via @30SecMBA
Retweeted by Dinesh Moorjani - told this was a dry run ...then Corey said, "that's a wrap." Sharing info on #hatchlabs and the future of #mobile
Web Can Foment Openness as Corrupt Regimes Fall #WSJ #iPhone
Great product+outsized ROI on marketing tactics is #HatchLabs - Tin Pan Valley: Coming Shakeout for App Makers #WSJ
Revisiting the age old decision from the past two decades. "Choosing a Sugar Substitute"…
#Apple secret sauce is simple - market power. Despite #Android share, they don't compete on commercial innovation.
As a chemical engineer with faith in science, I still opt for the pat down. Airport body scanners: Are they safe?… #cnn
Underscores importance of building enduring companies. Silicon Valley Faces Private Sanity Check #WSJ #Hatch
NYTimes: Risky Rise of the Good-Grade Pill
When the Kids Have Chores, I End Up Doing the Work #WSJ #iPhone
Do Human Beings Carry Expiration Dates? #WSJ #iPhone
Alarming stats on climate change. Shocking that countries cannot enact policies to spur alternative energy & curb FF…
Gov't makes PE firms in India face rough waters ahead. Private-Equity's Rougher Passage to India #WSJ #iPhone