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if you're doing something and it gets rough. just ask yourself. is it worth it. if it is, keep on goin young.
"love is deathless"
picked up a bible after mad long today. saw a quote written inside when flipping through.
twitter with these ads and sponsored jonts and tweets I social media progressively gets more annoying.
go do something new or different for someone you care about. it can be random. you'll feel good. they'll feel better.
that goes for people in general actually. it's always nice to see someone try something different or new. especially if they do it for you.
I like when an artist can step out of their comfort zone.
childish gambino x u don't have to call
did my pops just hip me to a new meek mill jam.
I've been listening to an ungodly amount of @JColeNC
job interviews be like...
it's wednesday (still in most states).
logic x metropolis
"You do not have to CONDONE a situation to UNDERSTAND it." - @AbsolutBr00klyn
the world is crazy.
Hector Morejon: unarmed teen, passed after being shot by police. last words called out to his mother. she wasn't allowed in the ambulance.
it's crazy that people need to die for issues like this to really get attention. and there have been even more deaths since Gray's too.
and now they're claiming Freddie Gray severed his own spinal cord intentionally... just wow. it's like they're trying to set people off.
late on commenting. but my thoughts on b-more are all over the place. one thing that's clear: people want/need change
needa catch some z's...
ginuwine x so anxious
brian mcknight x anytime
jon b x they don't know
chance x everybody's something
if you think for one second...
our scars are what make us fall in love.. finding someone who has found a way to heal your wounds and hurts in a way no one has before.
“One day, whether you are 14, 28 or 65, you will stumble upon someone who will start a fire in you that cannot die." - Beau Taplin
when everyone's asleep and you stop the microwave at 0:01
Rihanna looks like two small people, one on top of the other, tryna look older
i missed all of the tweets about drake's album cover.
airports are so damn confusing.
she ain't your #wcw if she ain't your home screen.
knowledge speaks. wisdom listens. ^one of my favorite quotes.
when I can't find my phone.
when you wake up in the middle of the night and your arms are asleep
don't hate on centipedes they're just tryna keep it 100.
when you're fighting the Elite 4 and your best Pokémon dies and you're out of revives
what the hell are these commercials bruh
sweet jesus I almost dropped a roll of toilet paper in the toilet.
love me some chill instrumentals.
freddie joachim x let's go down
when you're hungry but already in bed.

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