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Peruvian Chikin
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have a dream in new orleans fall in love in chicago
spelling and grammar on fleek.
new pencils. hadda do a quick Sonic sketch. cuz. Sonic. Is. Fast. ... s/o to the sis for le pencils doe.
that noise was just odd. it was like an almost sneeze but like you were about to fall off a cliff but someone caught you last minute noise.
I can't tell if the girl on this bus sneezed so idk if I should say anything in response but now it's too late.
I really have tweeted about spongebob a good amount. that's two in like a day
idk why I just thought Squidward wore glasses and had to really think to be like oh wait nah he doesn't
when she says she's only dated asian guys
the rain got my sock wet
It's crazy how music can just perfectly match your mood
I should catch more z's.
really never made no difference which Starbucks' barista made "@vinnycrack: i been drinking coffee since like the 5th grade"
cold as nipples outside
that alex from target shit is crazy
walking dead crazy af yo
who is alex from target
Girl: "I'm gonna get one of the baby strap holsters" Johnny: "One of the Native American joints" #thingsjohnnysays
ima prob be Gucci Mane for halloween
I got so much sleep wtf
why the hell is it this cold
the 20/20 experience was/is such a dope album
check this stream on Twitch raising funds for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals for children's hospitals/research:
I be on my suit & tie shit, tied shit, tied
niggas will drop over 200 on a pair of j's but won't own a suit
but is it friday yet tho
life is too short
my grind been real af lately
we're all 'human beans'
migos ft rick ross x black bottles
buying that horchata mix was such a good decision
if I really like a song I can listen to it on repeat for over an hour
the weeknd x often
why tf niggas fightin at ben's chili bowl smh
same "@buiduh_: i should download some new music"
I hate the metro.
nikes on my feet keep my cypher complete
💀 @PRTYgtsmeWETTRR: kill a nigga in a week call it that ebola .."
wow smh fuck typos I'm not even gonna make that tweet again.