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Peruvian Chikin
not on some I just saw some shit shit. but like they tired shit
"I see piss comin I move. She saw piss comin she stayed"
word to R. Kelly "@yagurlbubblez87: Nothin wrong with squirting even tho it does have a lil piss in it. But a lil piss never hurt nobody"
not working tomorrow >
"@samstaydipped: @NICKIMINAJ in your opinion, Is this album gonna be better than Pink Friday? #AskNicki"
"how much can a whale ejaculate?" "the average whale usually ejaculates as much as 300 gallons of semen" "thank you" "you're whalecum"
to sleep "@kittyst0ne: to sleep or not to sleep"
"he lived for eternity...until he got hit by a train in 1982"
room cold af. nothin new
that moment you stay up and get hungry af but you're also sleepy af and you remember you can't do both at the same time
swear it needa be friday already
you can't make someone look stupid if you can't spell
this game bruh wtf
you know you an ugly barnacle when you post a pic on instagram of a caprisun that's not even yours and it gets more likes than your selfie
yup. "@SharonDenise___ Exhausted actually."
this week some shit so far
I needa bump old wyclef soon
Idk why i expected it to be 9 already when i looked at the time
Ima just lay down on this here floor
my body hates me for not sleeping enough
the internets "@nikkiskowron: Where can I buy life motivation"
lose the tude "@ItsMeee_Mandyyy: I need to lose this tude."
i been sleeping like 3 hrs each night dawg how am i alive
how tf it 3:30 already
nigga said tacos over vatos doe lol
an OE would hit rn
Top 5 Reason to Listen to Tyga: 1. You hate rap 2. You hate music 3. You hate ears 4. You hate life 5. You hate you
life scressful bruh