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Peruvian Chikin
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twitter is really the same shit all the time.
cold water is so damn good at night idc.
i hate how quickly phones start fuckin up.
this uber check engine light and mad other lights on rn.
"@JColeNC Fuck money, spread Love."
that reminds me. I should start using ketchup with my fries again.
how does rain make ppl suck this bad at driving
the instrumental on drake's 'cameras' is fire.
people are so disrespectful. it's so common that I don't even think a lot realize when they're being disrespectful.
the lonny breaux collection is forever ill.
anyway doe. walking dead. fuck.
bruh anyone remember that show heroes? with that azn dude hiro. that shit was ill.
you know those days when you're just in bed and you forget you have things to do like eat food
I used to build Gundams. #coolkidsonly #inevergotthepaintstuff #ikindawanttobuymorenowtobuildthem #myhashtagsaretoolong #thatswhatshesaid
disney-princess-castle-thuggin #blackfridayshoppingpartnaz #tysons #disney #itwassixinthemorning #tired #iveneverseenfrozen #premcdonalds
los hermanos. #brohammed #broseph #broku #broccoli #...
happy thanksgiving.
really bouta hit this mall at 3 doe. I swear it'll be worth it if they have some bubble tea to give me life. but jont gon be closed.
any va ppl at tysons right now
mall 1 done. do I really wanna hit another mall tonight.
logic x gang related
just put super nintendo on my phone to play while in these lines
any va ppl hittin potomac mills or tyson's tonight or nah
feliz thanksgiving.
shouldn't be surprised... this isn't the first time something like this happened. hopefully there's some positive change from all of this.
twitter extra ignorant right now.
being different is cool n shit... but i hate when people are different just to be different.
i like driving in the rain. that's weird.
the sound of rain relaxing af.
childish gambino x u don't have to call
fam bam. #newlyweds #weonaboat #datweddingwasmadcutedoe
why the hell was this week so damn long.
this cold af weather makes me want to skip work. and life.
what the actual fuck weather.
a stranger doing something nice like holding a door or just saying good morning. that shit dope.
the beatnuts ft. method man x se acabo
my bus will say 5 mins until it gets here on the app tracker. and 5 mins later. say 4 mins until. @wmata why.
I hate how easy it is to lose/forget chapstick.
mellowhigh x get'n drunk
wow I hate typos nvm that killed my ratchet just now
ratchet music gives me life
Beth dies next episode of walking dead. calling it.
I still love Doge.