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I may be one of the only people who is RELIEVED that my parents just cut me off. #homophobes
Has anyone else noticed that whenever you're not speaking to someone, their birthday/corresponding holiday comes up? #Awkward
Road trip tonight, period today. My uterus is such an asshole.
Memorial day goal: blog more.
Arrested Development season 4 on Netflix!! AAAAHH!!
#chicken #dinner #instayum
Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Sites
I love rewatching old favorites like Arrested Development on Netflix with Dom. #cozy
S/O to @ThaPsychoGF Thank you for being straight, LOL!! Hilarious tweets. :)
How addicted to Twitter are you? Quiz - The Oatmeal… via @Oatmeal
Cat butt in my face while I'm trying to work. "MEOW I AM A CAT HERE IS MY BUTT." No. ): #MentionADislike
Domain flipping time! Use my referral code WOWdlez to get 35% off your order, and I'll get store credit!…
Cryptic Facebook statuses, then complaining that people are "too nosy" when they ask what's wrong. #WhyIStoppedTalkingToYou
"#RememberWhenEverybody Actually cared who married who? Yeah, me either." - The Future #MarriageEquality
We can try to understand the New York Times' effect on man. Stayin' Alive. #BeeGees #songsiwillalwayslove
Why the GOP should want to lose the Supreme Court's gay marriage case:
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We're women. We love each other. We do life together. #ItsNotComplicated #MarriageEquality
Changed my profile pic for marriage equality. Also, for bacon.
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Every story has its beginning and ending, but the best ending is just a beginning in disguise. #writing
Thanks, @cfbergel! Let me know when you do! :)
Money doesn't ruin people. Its the mindset they ALLOW themselves to have once money is in their hands.
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#MentionSomebodyYouWantToMeet Sherlock Holmes. But alas... he is fictional.
#ThoughtOfTheDay: There is a special place in Hell for anyone who takes advantage of single moms and abused women.
New #nude #nails look. #fashion #beauty #makeup #style #polish #nailpolish #manicure #iphoneonly #iphonesia
David Tenant and Benedict Cumberbatch are possibilities for the 12th Doctor?? Awesome overload!!
I miss the baby phase so much!! );
Ugh why do people sabotage themselves?? #psychology
I feel so bad for Poppy Harlow. You'd think reporters were, like, supposed to be objective or something. Talking is hard! #FAIL
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#me #selfie #lgbt #lesbian #gay #girl
#nowplaying Stayin' Alive by the BeeGee's. Here's to you, Jim Moriarty. #FictionalCharactersYouMiss
Ultimate Anti-Gay Marriage Ad. Because straight marriages aren't strong enough to withstand #MarriageEquality? #LGBT
The Onion debacle... ugh. I love the onion, but have to wonder if it was Dakota Fanning back in the day, would they have run that?
Adam Hills owns Joan Rivers. Gonna have to start watching his show.
#Curves are not an anomaly. Some of us are voluptuous. Sorry if that offends you. We're too busy having great sex AND cookies to care.
Adele is one of the only artists who represents the AVERAGE woman yet everyone's terrified that she exists like she's an anomaly. #curves
So much going on in the world of feminism, seems like a good time to come out of my illness and work related #TwitterComa.
So, holding hands with my partner on a date is "in your face," but Christians preaching at total strangers isn't? #BigotLogic
Work has me wiped. Thought being a #housewife would be slower, but it just leaves more time for projects that WARP time.
in the time it takes for you to make love, you can break love, waste love, and throw it all away.
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#Love is beautiful. 20 Photos That Could Change Someone's Mind About #GayMarriage… via @BuzzFeedLGBT
As the gift makes a way for the giver, so does the #Hummer make a way for the douchebag.
Am I the only one wondering who the guy in the fabulous scarf with Pelosi is? LOL @NBCFirstRead #Sequester
♥ ❤ ♥ Always been #weakfor #butches. ♥ ❤ ♥
#YouKnowYoureASideChickWhen you see her once a month even though you live in the same city. No one is that busy cuz of their "job."
You can download Firefox 19 for Windows, Mac, and Linux right now; official launch tomorrow by @EPro
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Some people just don't understand. No I don't want to be a boy. No I didn't have the right boy. None of that. I love girls it's who I am.
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Getting ready. #girl #me #selfie #earlybird #iphoneonly #gay #lesbian #teamlesbian #lgbt #marriageequality