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DJ Self
Power House Tixx tune in wht u wanna hear stream live on dat DJ Self app
Yes we gwinin tonight w @rico_sevenoneocho @UMadTheLabel
Radio Life #GwininGawd we do it for NY Power 1051 NJ CT
Radio life #GwininGawd Power 105 lets do it NY
Come on Dawg no one wants to hear Ya Mans an emm right now it's a time for that but not now Fam
Cop Ya Shirts now
Time For The MIDNITE MIX! Tonight We Rock GUMBO Style! A Little Bit Of EVERYTHING! Call Me Up 800-585-1051 Let Me Know What You Wanna Hear! If You Can't Get Thru Comment Below!
Ante up live!! Busta just hit the stage
Smif N Wesson and Cella Dwellas wow I'm Hip Hop
Cells Dwellas!!!
Wow Smif n Wesson on stage Lyricist Lounge
I'm in da crowd Heltah Skeltah on stage
800 585 1051 Call up
Tonight I talk to NY artist to find out whts goin on w our city are we moving in a better direction as far as Music or Wht 10pm topic time lets do it!!
We gonna get to the bottom all artist who wanna speak there mind call in participate
#GTFOH we Gwinin #GwininGawd download now on iTunes @mistacoop
Nov 13 #gwininboxing oh yea we in this too @bigbabymiller
VIP Saturdays - Stalley OHIO Listening Event NYC: via @YouTube
@dj_mikeneezy is Gwinin w me lets do it Sues now
800-585-1051 TOPIC TIME! If Your Friend Is Hiding Their Relationship From Others, What Does That Mean? Call Me Up If You Can't Get Through Comment Below!
I'm happy and blessed to b where I am today just I wanna school some upcoming artist that the radio or Dj isn't all you need Plan out it attack do your home work learn the music and #Idgaf if you don't know the words to My Philosophy u better down load it and learn it !
Artist go out and break Yourelselves go out get ya hood behind you then Ya city then Ya state stop pointing fingers me or any DJ shouldn't b your situation we are here to help your situation get up get on dat road hit these cities show em Ya talent
Stop Askin me to be your situation I'm here to help Ya situation not b it plus I don't work for you I work for Gwinin and Clear channel and I live for my family
MEMORY LANE MONDAYS! I'm FLASHIN BACK In The MIDNITE MIX Tonight! Stream ME LIVE On The Dj Self App Available for FREE DOWNLOAD On iTunes And Google Play Now! Call Me Up 800-585-151 If You Can't Get Thru Comment Below!
800-585-1051 ITS TOPIC TIME! Call Me Up The Number Is Above! If You Can't Get Thru Comment Below!
Tune in Power 105
How you Rock ya Gwinin
#Keep it Veal how many people couldn't Geo d a bowl or a clean bowl and use anything instead #GwininGawd
And now the real Fun begins #GwininGawd
Shout out to Long Island its a movement goin on Reek I see you Sagotti. Shout to dose 100 Bloks #gwinin
She said @Pr3ttygirlgang_88 is a big fan of my show on Power 105 and I neva asnwer the phone durin topic time we got you Power Boyz!!!
1 hour left! #EzWeekends @Power1051 thanks for ROCKIN our / me Tristate! The Gwinnin Gawd @djself up…
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At 6pm - 10pm Tune in Too @Power1051 @djself call up & request the hottest record out #CHICKEN ft ...
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Last night at Lust w da Homie @DeJLoaf Gwinin The love was there @GwininTeam #gwiningawd
#NowPlaying @JColeNC Can Give Enough Ft. @TreySongz on @Powwer1051 Midnite Gumbo Mix
#NowPlaying New NewKash Chicken Ft. @100BLKKAPO @rahhollowz on @Power1051 Midnite Gumbo Mix
#NowPlaying New @TroyAve All About The Money Ft. @YoungLitoBSB on @Power1051 Midnite Gumbo Mix