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@DJPREPAID thank you thank youu same 💕✨💕✨✌️
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The original story 'Little Red Riding hood' was made to keep girls away from sex. The bad wolf represents a man's penis.
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Can I get some goodnight booty 😍😍😁
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"@_Signedmo: Not sure if I need a hug or 6 shots of whiskey.." both
"@BestSexGifs: Perfect Way To end the Night" that moment tho 😏
@DJPREPAID haha right right I just head about those in like 7th grade health so why not for females too! #HitsBlunt
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Get so turnt you think you can talk to animals
Any woman ever have a orgasm in your sleep????
When you get so stoned, then trying to take a picture..
I just like to give ppl their space because I like mines too. We all need our own alone time but I'll always check on you no matter what!!!
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"@kylegotjokes: All I need" she gotta big booty so I call her big booty
*hits blunt* "Mary had Jesus. And Jesus was the lamb of god. So does that mean Mary had a little lamb????"
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@DJPREPAID I'm turnt lokey n the radio not snappin. Ima Dj prepaid on da beat tho
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Lil snupe's mixtape born to be a dreamer>>>>>>>> #RIPSnupe
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Actually bored for once...smh
"Anything you wanna say before I sign into my twitter account?"
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Girls only want one thing... your hoodies
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"@pizzahut: Too early? Nah." nahhhh ❤❤😍😍😍
Don’t lose a hold of yourself, just cause you found somebody.
Seems like everyone is either trying to pretend they have the life they want, or escape the life they have.
If I could make one single wish, it would be to have my mother happy and proud of her sons.
You know you suck at spelling when spell check had no idea what the fuck your trying to spell
What doesn't kill you gives you trust issues.
Nothing more attractive then a woman with a brilliant open-mind and a filthy mouth.
"@Blissfuly_Jenny: @TedOfficialPage nobody does or wants it in return tho so you'll be talking to yourself 👎"#Heartlesss who hurt you? Lmao
It's Friday 🙌🙏 Make Sure You Get You#WakeNBakeDailyly On ✌️🍃💨🍃 🍃💨�"
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