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Mo Twister
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Just realized Malaysian Airlines B777 #MH17 was registration# 9M-MRD, same plane that was painted in the iconic Freedom of Space livery =(
I think the first 15min of this cost us RT @CrazyKidInside: @djmotwister hindi kasama sa tattawards ang @GTWMPodcast?
“Never take a person's dignity: it is worth everything to them, and nothing to you.”
“I cannot compromise my respect for your love. You can keep your love, I will keep my respect.”
I’ve eaten so many gummy bears these past days that PETA must be pissed off at me by now.
Literally heard your voice booming through the room when we arrived at the office. The radio was on max volume. @djmotwister
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This is how she rolls, literally. #amsterdam
Surprising that all men don't proudly point at their kids and announce, "Cute, right? I MADE that. WITH MY DICK."
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Here’s a nice find, a 19-year old Kanye West freestyling back in ’06, minus the crazy fashion.
Goodtimes radio suggestion. Callers should introduce themselves using their twitter handle.
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Starting the day with @GTWMPodcast 's latest episode. Good times! 👌@djmotwisterr
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Gut-Wrenching Photos That Will Leave You Speechless | Thought Catalog
Cracking your back is like discovering masturbation for the first time. You do it one time and you’re hooked on it for an eternity.
I love having little kids at home who don't know the yum difference between red and yellow gummy bears. *puts 5 reds in my mouth.
Startup GoTenna creates a cell network out of thin air anywhere on Earth
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I love how a boob is also called a pec...and there are like two of them. *insert Butthead laugh
This year, I've called 0.3% of the people in my phone's Contacts... I just completely made that number up. Though it's likely true.
@djmotwister really i lost the fight! Well guess again! Your the who lost! Because your so pathetic! Not man enough! #dj mo small dick!
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But ever so slightly larger than your brain. #YouLostTheFightWithGrammar RT @tishmae18: @djmotwister your dick small"
I told Siri to call the Aloha Hawaiian BBQ restaurant near my house and she called Lolit Solis’ cellphone. You suck Siri.
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"We live in a complex world and at a challenging time.” — @BarackObama said yesterday. Just got way more challenging. #MH17