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Mo Twister
Cums so fast that his sextape is a GIF.
Texting wasn't always easy. In my day, you had to work for it. You had to want it. You need an S? You better click that 7 button FOUR TIMES.
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Getting my morning coffee ready for the radio show. #magic899 listen to us worldwide at
So a new Azkal footballer who just had a baby AND has a girlfriend is now hitting on @iamanjperez. 1 month old baby tapos ganito?! #Ballers
Hi everyone! Let me introduce you to my daughter @moira28. She's pretty awesome -- smart, kind, funny, though I don't like her choice with makeup but I assume that will improve in time. Moira is also the strongest person I know. She has a neuro muscular disorder called Friedreich's Ataxia, and this
It’s 15th, PAYDAY! Have u checked ur ATM for the deposit? And have you checked (Senators kid name) Twitter feed to see where ur taxes went?
Listening to @GTWMPodcast at work.@djmotwister really cracks me up every morning,TH colleagues may start thinking I am crazy. #funny #witty
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Topic from radio earlier: If u had your own TV talkshow, what crazy, tactless, & ballsy question would you ask a guest, & who is that guest?
.@FloydMayweather, ur always bout what fans want & the best money.Yday u said to make a Pac fight happen, now nothing. Ur counterfeit, Floyd
The dog equivalent of having a gun pointed at you.
Happy how she's such a positive person, always smiling. Just look at how positive she is about her PNOY hairdo.
Off of Twitter for the rest of the night, I'm about to start a movie, and I'm sitting in a theater alone.
Rudy Gay has fractured his jaw. Please be kind on the jokes.
Been playing Destiny for 3 days now and I only just found out that my Ghost companion is Tyrion Lannister?!
Tomorrow will be another emotional rollercoaster — wanting @FloydMayweather to lose but also wanting him to win so Manny can be his first L.
With 3 new sextapes out today, I’ve had to remove him from my Celebrity Tapes folder & make a whole new folder dedicated for Paolo Bediones
Who’s the new girl in the new #Cartoons tape?
Will be flying to dubai in a few hours, time to download some @GTWMPodcast episodes for the long flight ahead. ;)
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Listening to #GTWM S03E01, thinking @djmotwister handled that 18-yr-old pretty well. Kids need to be reminded theyre good people
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As with all shooters, this Destiny on PS4 is making me dizzy and wanting to vomit here at home.
We are still giving away movie tix to ALL CALLERS! Call @GTWMPodcast at 8809294 Skype: thegoodtimespodcast Text 09272141981 Win that iPhone!
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Tweet me the First and Last Name, and preferably, Twitter handle of the person you lost your virginity to. Go!
#tbt Strapped a GoPro on top of my DSLR and as cool as the video is, it's the sound of the camera firing that's pretty badass. #Westbrook
#tbt dropping bombs on Kevin Love.
#tbt The first no-hitter in the history of the New York Mets. I was able to catch the ball right before the last pitch. Historic...if you like baseball.
#tbt The aswang from your childhood doing her mating call.
#tbt I remember asking all of you on Twitter if I should buy this one ticket, sitting up close with Pau Gasol to watch Rafa Nadal vs Roger Federer in the French Open Final. You all convinced me to get it and this is what happened...
#tbt Sitting right in front, Hollywood Bowl for Coldplay. Best song of all-time? Fix You.
#tbt Sitting front and center at a Snow Patrol & Ed Sheeran concert when Gary Lightbody high-fives me and grabs my cell to record himself singing one of my favorite songs, Just Say Yes. #tits
So this is what I cooked for dinner tonight. I don't know what I was going for. It started out as oatmeal with fresh berries. Then I thought it was too healthy so I made bacon. Then I was like, "fuck it" -- mussels in garlic butter. I'm improving, @erwanjheussaff
wearing a city t-shirt of the city you’re in is the stuff of dork.
#ESP #FRA is intense. C’mon @paugasol, get a win here! #FIBAWorldCup2014
Yesterday read an article that @MannyPacquiao in serious negotiations to fight Floyd. Read today @FloydMayweather wants to retire. Scared?
If I make a full recovery early enough from lung cancer, I am considering three options: First, to run for the presidency...
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I dare you to wear that Apple Watch in a jeepney…enroute to Tondo. On a Friday night. In the rain.
Tim Cook(thinking): "You bitches thought I couldnt do shit when Stevie died. Look, a watch. A watch! To tell time & shit. A watch! Suck it!"
Buying 2 Apple Watches. 1 for me now and one unopened for eBay that I can sell in 20 years like the first iPod and make absolutely no money.
You know how I love smelling the back of my watch on a humid day? Eto, Apple Watch, amoy mansanas. Yummy.
BREAKING: The Apple Watch will be available for purchase in the Philippines exactly 3 weeks after everyone else gets it. #PinoyTime eh
Still waiting for Apple to unveil the poor people lineup of gadgets. #AppleLive
Girls, how did your vagina react to the unveiling of the iWatch? This is for survey purposes. #AppleLive
Add To Cart, motherfucker. #AppleLive
Can’t wait to buy the new iPhone! Just so I can finally brag to girls that I have a 6 in my pants pocket.
I can't wait to find out what Jennifer Lawrence has been buying with Apple Pay.
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The last defining act my iPhone 5 will live for is to Instagram a pic of the new 6 when that bitch arrives.
Okay, now somebody tell me how much does the douche gadget cost…yes, the Plus one.