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Mo Twister
For all my followers in the LA area, I’m putting up a modified fast pitch softball team for winter, Friday nights in Burbank. You want in?
I went into the shower this morning armed with a razor in what I call Operation Stop Bulbol.
The only place where you can be truly yourself by being someone else. @GTWMPodcast thank you @djmotwister
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Mo: “Mikey, ur insecure bout male singers. Everytime we say a guy sings well, ur threatened & disagree. Mikey: “Not true. I love Jed Madela"
gonna start writing down @djmotwister 's advice fr @GTWMPodcast (not all though) so i can give it to my baby boy in the future who's 1 1/2yr
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Symptoms of ebola may include vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding from the eyes or rectum and an irresistible urge to travel.
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Morning confusion is cute.
Dark, cold, foggy morning for us right before we start the podcast. And yes, that's him taking a shit.
Thanks Dragon! RT @ramonbautista: @djmotwister happy birthday, bro!
Aww! You’ll always be my fave basketball groupie slut! RT @suzy899: Happy birthday fucker! you'll always be my fave asshole! ❤️ @djmotwister
The only ones happy about Jinkee Pacquiao being the Kia muse were the wives of the Kia players.
Announcer 1: "Manny drives straight to the hole for Kia." Announcer 2: "I agree. If Manny ever drove a Kia, he'd certainly aim for a hole"
#PBASeason40! Where champ boxer slash Congressman slash husband to Vice Governor slash Coach slash Guard plays. Let the ridiculousness begin
I want to say thanks for all the kind birthday greetings today! I appreciate every single one of them!
I take pride in the ability to look at disgusting things and NEVER get bothered by it. 2 Girls 1 One? Chicken lang yan. Blue Waffle? Elementary. Rectal prolapse? Walk in the park. Pero PUTANGINA, I saw this pic of a guy who at a rave wanted to get high so he licked a frog and this happened. Motherfu
I love our TV character themed NBA fantasy league when you get trade involvement like this:
Read an article, an ex said I should apologize. What?! Ok I’ll apologize if u too say sorry to the wife/kids of the guy ur currently banging
Happiest birthday ever @anton_moral!
It’s the Magic morning show w/ @djmotwister @iamsamoh @MikeyBustos! Call 6310899! At 7am, we have voice of Siri @SiriouslySusan on the show
already crushing the new Plants vs Zombies level.
How does Bong Revilla scratch his back in jail when he has those incredibly short arms? #ThingsToPonderOnPayday
It takes be this kid.
If you don't know the difference between "there," "their" and "they're" your a moron.
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I bet people who leave the clear plastic cover on their electronics screens actually prefer the feel of a condom.
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By the next payday, the NBA season will have started!
so now @suzy899 and I are debating how to tell this super insulting joke on Twitter about a friend of ours that she sees regularly.
I have a joke to tell but it’s so offensive toward someone I kinda know, who follows me here — fuck, the punchline is so worth it. F my life
How do the cheerleaders on 2K15 not snap their neck when doing that dance immediately after halftime. It looks crazy violent.
im just a girl, standing in front of a boy, standing in front of a girl, standing in front of a boy, standing in front of a girl sa MRT line
that obnoxiously loud clock right before commercials on 24 that makes you dive for the remote & lower the volume so you dont wake the house.
greatest pass i've ever seen was jason williams off the elbow to raef lafrentz at '00 rookie game.Though lafrentz didnt score, what a beauty
Our team name theme in NBA fantasy in TV characters! We have Hiro Nakamura, Stormborn Targaryen, Saul Goodman, Nancy Botwin, Frank Underwood
Spent the day prepping my Halloween costume. Do you like it? Guess who am I? Give up? I'm Vice President Binay.
Article on the L.A. Times about Kobe Paras, the new Kobe in town.…
men with a sense of humour are so fucking sexy. not the ugly ones though.
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sorry i'm late, someone was wrong on the internet
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How can this guy jump so high with such huge balls?
I’m renaming my fantasy team to Binay Piggery.
Loving the iPhone 6 Plus camera and the slow motion!…
Call tonight! @mimitricx: @djmotwister just wanna say ur so amazing! I'm crazy w/ ur podcast. I hope u could help me din w/ my love problem.
By the way, saying "utot mo" after hearing a statement you don't agree with is super classy.
Reading an article wherein @FloydMayweather has a message for @MannyPacquiao, “he needs to be quiet” daw. Utot mo!
The Frisbee slider hung and Kolten takes us to San Fran tied at 1 and me with no voice! #NLCS #STLCards
.@kieferravena on 89.9 w @suzy899 & @djmotwister saying he wants to try out for Ateneo Men's Volleyball Team after basketball.
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Just tweet me your answer with hashtag #inspiringsuccess and follow @GlobemyBusiness.That GC just might be yours!
How many menu items can diners choose from in every Size Matters store? Watch this to find out: