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Mo Twister
Does this look like the face of a baby that cried hysterically in the car for the past hour? Certainly not!
China blocked Instagram! Filipinos there now wont be able to see their fave Pinoy celebs lift weights, plug sponsors & post emotional quotes
Suddenly burst into laughter while in a urinal in a mall cr. @GTWMPodcast and @djmotwister. People watching be like WTF!
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My Chiefs are whooping some ass. =)
Can someone explain to me why the @Magic899 Instagram is on private? We tell people to follow us but how can they see the pictures?
I heard a rumor that you can call from the US to PH for $1 for 30 days. Whoa. #CallPHforaDollar
Payday na bukas! Honestly, how much money do you have left between now and tomorrow morning?
Gisingin niyo na yung mga gagong nagtweet. Patapos na ang September. 😒
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Sometimes the conyos with the strongest social media "conscience" forget that they are children of corrupt politicians.
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Many teens are having premarital sex in your hotel. RT @hotelsogo: Ang relation sa Diyos ay ang pinakamagandang relasyon na meron sa lahat.
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luv listening to #gtwm in d car w boyfriend during those long drives. Esp when we feel like having a good solid laugh 2gether.�@djmotwisterr
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Ty @djmotwister sa panayaman k coachChot. Somhow luminaw. Can't agree more, it'll be foolish not to thank #Gilas & b proud. Tuloy ang Laban.
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@Magic899 som1 had to make the world know the Philippjnes is making it's way back in the game of int'l bball. @coachot Started this!! #puso
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After the break, we have Coach Chot Reyes talking #Gilas! You have any questions? Tweet us now! #PUSO
I’m the guy who plays basket & doesnt buy drinks. After 2nd game, I puppy dog eyes the guy with a thermos of ice tubig hoping he offers. =(
Does this blanket make me look fat? Walking around 3rd Street Promenade on this Saturday night in Santa Monica.
It's been a busy weekend setting up the fantasy league with a lot of you guys here on Twitter -- but super fun!
I don’t get the negative stuff I read bout #Gilas. I think @coachot & the boys have been one of the best stories this year for our country!
Wow, I got 8 teams ready to go already for my upcoming NBA Fantasy league! 4 more spots open and there’ll be over P100k in prizes =)
Found out there wont be a Yahoo NBA Fantasy Pro league so im creating a prize league if u wanna join. Prize breakdown
@djmotwister thanks to GTWM. I'm able to extra enjoy my flight to LA. 😍❤️
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ABS-CBN article about my daughter, Moira:…
Win that iPhone tonight! @GTWMPodcast starts now! Call 8809294 Skype: thegoodtimespodcast Text/Viber 09272141981 w/ your love problem!
Filipinos all over the world get on @GTWMPodcast now! Skype us at: thegoodtimespodcast or Viber 09272141981 and ask ur love/sex question!!
Wanna win an iPhone? Have a love/life/sex question? Get on @GTWMPodcast now! Call 8809294 Skype: thegoodtimespodcast Text/Viber 09272141981
Been getting tons of calls this week on @GTWMPodcast! Keep it coming now at 8809294 Skype: thegoodtimespodcast Text/Viber 09272141981
Congratulations to all winners of the Globe Cebu Media Excellence Awards! #GlobeCMEA2014
Hornets forward Jeff Taylor arrested on domestic assault charge. Michael Jordan and Adam Silver, you're up.
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@djmotwister I wrk at a club nd let me jst say that I've learnd so much frm ur podcast n use it as conversation tpics with guests.Hillarious
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What?! The Fappening UAAP Edition is happening right now…on @suzy899 phone! Bwahahaha!
It’s Bong Revilla’s birthday today? Hey! Happy Birthday Sen.! Now eat a bag of pubes.
Though a Welsh Corgi puppy is a pretty good fucking choice.
HAHAHA This. RT @crismyx: @djmotwister i dont need a grammar u have... Coz it smells like shit.
My mom downloaded tons of episides from @djmotwister 's podcast as a surprise for me. The c5 traffic was a breeze hahaha!
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*poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke "You awake?" -Boners
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17yr caller on @GTWMPodcast spends all his time in the school library cuz his class is full of jejemons. I think he deserves an iPad from us
I think the country is ready for another great tasting, mass produced iced tea.
SM statement on rape shirt: “…We MIGHT be stocking a t-shirt w/ a message that we find…unacceptable.” — SM, you MIGHT not though too.
Hey @sam_concepcion, can I borrow your Guns N’ Roses shirt? =)
I like arguing with idiots on Twitter/Instagram. While it doesn’t add points to my I.Q., I certainly do feel a lot smarter.
First the rape shirt now a picture of Coco Martin with a leash around a woman's neck at #TheNakedTruth. It's 2014 and does our Philippine society really shove down our throats -- male domination, male superiority, control over women even to criminal and degrading levels? Yet, we have had 2 female Pr
so for the next 30 days, jejemons will be attacking my Mentions timeline…30 days because that’s the lifespan of kuto.