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Mo Twister
Don't listen to what these Instagram chefs tell you, here's the truth: It's IMPOSSIBLE to make something that tastes good and IS good for you. Do you know why people go crazy over my famous French Toast featured here? This is why: 2 Large Eggs A shitload of Heavy Whipping Cream Big fucking chunk of
Some parents shriek when they see their kids eat sweets. Not me. Im happy. My eyes are happy. My lips happily mimic hers as I see her take a bite. :)
When you're this small, you are always facing the right direction in your bed.
Me and my @gtwmpodcast team! @piccotamayo of #Blessed fame and my handsome Lucas.
Someone tweeted this to me, not sure if it's from a movie I was in or a TV series or what but damn, don't I look like a pre-champion Pacquiao?
One of the harder things to go thru as a parent is when your kid is about to go into surgery. You know they're terrified going in and you can't be with them thru the ordeal. And when they wake from their general anesthesia, they resemble so little of themselves. The ride home is quiet and sad. Broug
With so much talk of earthquake prep in the Philippines, I thought I'd share with you guys some must haves for your emergency EDC pack. These are items I carry around regularly that I hope will keep me alive when the big one hits. (left to right) 1. LifeStraw. A "straw" that is also a filtration sy
I'm all for feeding a hungry person -- especially a child. But if you don't mind Mr Vice President, tell your photographer in orange -- the one with the fucking P200,000 Digital SLR right in the kid's face -- to back off a bit. Then perhaps I'll consider voting for you.
Ben: What're you going to tell them when they find out? Kit: I'm going to pull a Jon Snow & tell them I knew nothing.
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Taking a break from her tantrum. #Amsterdam
She looks like a zombie doing it but my little Amsterdam finally walked today! Words can't explain how thrilled I am.
My funny kiddies exploring the mysterious world of peaches for the first time. @angelicopter
At home watching the recent Piolo/Sarah G movie, Breakup Playlist.
Played my first game in a Filipino league today. We sucked but it was good cardio. We played against some trash taking TNT looking Pinoys and I guess they didn't know that while on the court I may be weak, I'm still shit talking deluxe. Sample burn from the court today: Douchebag 1: "that's travel
...that is now a dead motherfucking elephant killing spider.
Okay. So I just found this motherfucking elephant killing Black Widow spider in my garage. This thing is a beast venomous spider that...
Remember son, you don't play the sport because you like the game, you play the sport because it will hopefully make you a multi-millionaire one day.
My 2 baby girls and I are enjoying my world famous French Toast for breakfast.
Which reminds me of this picture that I took in South Africa some years back of a lion taking a breather after he fucked up some kudu. We used the headlights of our convertible jeep to light this up. One of my favorite pictures I've ever taken.
Just a normal Wednesday in South Africa wherein a lion is taking down a kudu for some lunch in the middle of a busy street.
So who is interested in an afternoon nap right about now?

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