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DJMegga™ ✯Genocide✯
Through God, all things are possible.
lol boys have that really slick way of flipping the script on you and finding some dumb shit to be mad about
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What comes easy won’t last long, and what lasts long won’t come easy.
Bills bills bills... I cant save SHIT UGH
Dont trust these guys ladies, you just neva know
If ya Titties fake unfollow me right quick
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Some of you hoes need to let your pussy rest for a while!! 😂😴
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Sometimes females just hit it & quit it too!! ✌️💨
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Dnt be sooo basic boo.. Be original .. Staring n shit.. Cuz u regular n I'm lit
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"@_Paigejanae: think your followers define that you're a somebody shows how wack you are 😊" u started talkin bout followers to me dumb ass
"@_Paigejanae: @DJMegga4Real you bought your followers" hahahahaha why u still messaging me. you lame as fuck. I neva bought no followers
"@_Paigejanae: @DJMegga4Real I don't even follow you back who's the nobody? Lmao you too homie you need the luck" i got 12k foller
Sometimes silence is a the best answer.
A negative mind will never give you a positive life.
"@_Paigejanae: Hate is so familiar to me I'm slowly embracing it" so that mean u a hater? 🙅
"@AriannaTheAngel: I only fuck with bad bitches that be trained to fuck" whooaaah 😱😝😱😱🙌
Being better than yesterday is enough motivation for me #fckhelookinat lol
The hardest part is letting go
only man i fear is God. 🙏👌
"@panikrap: @DJMegga4Real Hey this cute chick on KIK wants to chat with you ;) her username is cherrimistress3" naw im straight bruh
These tights are getting out of hand.... 😫😫#Ewewewew
Brush yo teeth nigga #damn 😷😷😷