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DJ KnockOut
If there is a local black owned business support that sh!t
Go get ya momma and your girl some flowers or sumn tomorrow it's a Monday and erbody hates Monday's so make em smile
Baby, I can kick that knowledge to ya 😉😏.
Ive had a glimpse of that wealthy lifestyle after that I knew what i needed to do my circle shrunk i stopped kickin it and started gettin it
There's no better teacher than life, just living and experiencing what's out there.
Dont let this social media shit brainwash you with these "goals" we're so busy dreaming about them instead of plotting on how to acheive em.
You're not gonna be able to afford it by tryna push your mixtape on Datpiff, Hooping at the blue courts, trapping out yo mommas house.
We all want to live in decent neighborhoods drive luxury cars and provide good education for our children BUT..
Another thing i notice tho to keep it all the way G.. This generation (90s Babies) Is always looking for the easy way out of hard work.
As a father It's scary having a child in this world especially a black child.
Jobs request that you have experience to get certain positions but how can you get the experience if no one will give you a chance
Amerikkka is so fu*cked up y'all..
To maintain some kind of sanity time off the clock is necessary & you shouldn't be punished or feel guilty for requesting the time off
Jobs now days feel like their business is more important than your family and i aint with that at all
Working long shifts getting too tired to focus on your own future goals is exactly what they want to do so you don't succeed
All we want is that album Frank.
I guess I'm not doing enough
Not at 100 but I'm at about 87.8
Photo: 2015 C300
Many people fail to chase after their dreams because of fear.
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All I want is a 3 egg ham & Cheese omelet, a peanut butter Waffle, and 3 Strips of bacon with a large Orange Juice 😫😫😫😫😫
@IamDjKnockOut too many niggas on one stoop to try and say too much
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Fuck nigga blew my high
All my niggas that was there tonight and ready to pop off on that silly ass nigga, thank you !
S/O @IamDjKnockOut for bumpin I ain't trippin! 💯
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I ain't no hoe ass nigga that's all I know 😊
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Shoutout to @MaliqueWad3 and #FlexUpGang tuning in on periscope!!!!! #KnockoutTV
I'm live on Periscope!! Me and @iWorkTheHardest bout to get it turnt at Casablanca --->…
Give me dust and I'll come back with diamonds
Follow me on Periscope so when I go live y'all can see how turnt I get

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