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kara cohen
No. I am not "in control" spam email headline. And please stop asking me open ended existential questions.
Favorite film? Susan Boyle Audition video.
Every month there's another meteor shower that's going to be the best in a 100 years. I've head enough of the lying.
I feel like the only person who "gets" me, like, really speaks to my heart and soul is the person who writes @nihilist_arbys.
Hey @SUBWAY, where's your God now? Your first mistake was believing in anything. Life is vile. Eat arbys. Die quickly. Escape to blackness
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Making a folder called "desktop" and putting everything on your desktop in it = the new stuffing everything in your closet.
Always glamorous.
"Let's pivot and become start up bros"
Bike vacation.
Tuesday's got soul.
When you realize someone on Instagram is a completely different person than you thought, and your entire view of reality shifts...
Things I've accidentally google image searched at work leaving out a KEY word: Squirt (soda), Swingers (movie).
Things I would do for a Klondike bar #JoyhoodNYC
Picnic bitch.
....finally lives up to its name.
First ride on my new steed.🚲🎡
@lulumichell and I have tattoos that represent our youth. We did dumb shit, but didn't let it goo TOO far.
"My new dating app comes out in the fall, it's called 'Sigh.'"
San Francisco is just lighted better.
Favorite places.
Cool siblings.
#TBT to the time @temnete and I went to the Cindy Sherman show and Cindy was dressed as Temnete.
Pretending It's not work.
@johnnynosleeves_ , you've got something on your shirt.
"I specifically said chartreuse." @kaderrade big shot art director.
I feel "humbled" when people reject me or beat me at ping pong. I'm like "oh shit i'm not that special." isn't that what humble means?
Can someone please explain to me why people say they feel "humbled" when other people give them money or praise?
What's a good food pairing for feelings?
I hate that now I can see how many people saw my tweet and DIDN'T favorite.
In my day people weren't proud of calling themselves "disrupters." That shit's rude.
Just one of those days where an entire pepper grinder's worth unground pepper balls falls into your salad and you try to eat it anyways...
It has its moments.
Blood Orange making me feel things at #denolet
When a website makes me sign up before I even know what they do, and I do anyways. OH THE SHAME
Pre-gaming Summer.
How we roll.
If Brooklynites are "bridge and tunnel" Manhattan people who come to Brooklyn on the weekend should now be called "Islanders."
#blacklivesmatter #baltimoreuprising #solidarity
Daniel Johnston's "Hi, How Are You" album holds up.
We like to party.
A night of blooms and babes.
One of those days.
Everything is literally sunshine and rainbows today.
Fyi I look like Judy Funny and it was worth every cent
"Do you close your eyes when you drink beer? I forgot"

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