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Darren Fisher
Trump is right – American leaders are stupid
Another year older...
Well it's been a while Twitter, but I'm still here and back for more!
Aaron Hernandez is going to shank someone tonight
Well, you still cheated to get there.
I hope Seattle gets buried in the Super Bowl
Terrorists have to prey on the weak and unprepared because they are fucking pathetic giant pussies
Surprised a US drone doesn't just fly over and fire missiles into the industrial building – kill one innocent to get two terrorists- sure
And that maybe the 18-year-old that was in class that they have in custody was not involved at all?
Am I the only one thinking that the person holding the grocery store hostage that shot the police officers is the third person involved??
Wicked Crash CAUGHT on Camera 11/29/2014: via @YouTube
My coworkers may hate me having 'Ice Ice Baby' blasting on repeat, but I'm solving their problems like nobodys business
"He was a nice kid" "He was a great friend" Uh he's a murderer, so fuck off. Thank you. #MarysvilleShooting
To all those ripping on me... fuck that kid that shot up the school. To his parents, *maybe* you could have prevented this. If not, so be it
Oh a middle class neighborhood NOW ITS A TRAGEDY!
LMAO RT "@Thachaddd: how dare you. You know nothing of this young man or his parents. This child was a great role model to his community"
@djfisher34 how dare you. You know nothing of this young man or his parents. This child was a great role model to his community, regardless.
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And the worst parents ever award goes to... #MarysvilleShooting #MPHS
Regardless, I'll #PrayForPilchuck and pray that kids finally learn that LIFE GETS BETTER. I'm done. #MPHS #MarysvilleShooting
If you are bullied, once you graduate, life gets better... just push through it. And if you bully, grow the fuck up.
Well regardless of who the shooter at #MPHS was, when the fuck are kids going to learn that what happens in school dont mean SHIT once out
Or I should say Jihadi John = Abdel Majed Abdel Bary
Oh come on, FBI. Everyone knows the Islamic beheader is Abdel Majed Abdel Bary. Just ID him and take him out
Holy bucket of ugliness Apple Watch
#PrayForPaulGeorge ? He isn't dying. Save your prayers for those that need it... Gaza strip anyone?
So a guy on air states what I always say about Erin Andrews (she sucks and only has a job because of her looks) and gets fired? Ok then..
Who cares if Bosh is gay? It doesn't affect me.
Drogba coming home!! Thank God!
Hmm... Didnt realize you had to apply to become a pigeon.
Girlfriend said last night "You treat our relationship like some kind of game!" Which unfortunately cost her 200 points and a bonus prize.
Dating a chick with kids is like playing someone else's saved game.
Actually, Brazil doesnt suck. Germany is just that much better than everyone. #BrazilvsGermany
Im thinking about 50% of the women on my timeline will be pregnant within the next 12 months.
If the US gets past Belgium, they will beat Argentina...
All I can say is... GO USA!!!
Dont come crying to me if your bf cheated on you, when he has done it before... its your own damn fault.

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