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Darren Fisher
Seems on SingStar I score the highest on "I'm Not a Girl... Not Yet a Woman"... Not sure what to make of that
Who wants to eat a coyote
Well that moon was anti-climactic. Could have at least done a little dance or something.
I wonder what sign Oregon has on the sideline for forfeit
Utah is Oregoning Oregon ha
And it's driving me nuts.
I'll bet I got bitten 20 times today mowing the lawn
Long day ahead.... But its Friday!!
I wish more people would take a cue from Mornjngsides coach- yea the refs missed that last call, but a game should never come down to that
This Morningside v Wisconsin-Whitewater game is incredible
Yeah, working really hard today – I just played a two hour game of boggle and scored 3246 points. No joke.
I am so sick of hearing this "I deserve the best" shit.. If everyone deserved the best who'd clean your plumbing when your sewer backed up
you already lost if you paid $90 for 2K or fifa
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It is located in the small lovable all American all caring city of Newtown, CT. LMAO!! You can't make this shit up ha ha wtf
Just a quick question – so can anyone guess where the head of the church of satan is located on the east coast?
My lung capacity test measured double the average man. So I guess I can say I have big lungs along with the other..... Uh nevermind.
Why are my stocks slipping? SELL or I will never afford that new tricycle
However, if you shave it bald you will need powder to keep everything from sticking to your legs. That is your lesson for today children
Baby powder on balls? Here's an idea – get a razor and trim that overgrown bush you have growing down there
Working outside before the rain comes...
How does a guy whose football team just lost to TOLEDO continue to rip on Ohio St and the Big Ten?
Who cares if Mourinho walked out of that interview? It was a stupid ass question
So tonight I've seen a dozen felons, rape offenders, wife beaters and crack addicts – and that was just watching the Steelers take the field
Is it basketball season yet?
No I am not watching the no fun league
Why is iPhone six launch trending on my feed – that shit happened ages ago
For the love of everything cut your damn pubes it's disgusting
Posting a vid of you smoking weed has to be the dumbest shit ever. Evidence when arrested.... Duh
Kobe vs MJ?! MJ put up 50 when in his 40s for the Wizards.... Kobe cant do shit already
Hope you don't mind the follow you sure are a beautiful one ;-)
What the f.... Someone give this kid a Playboy
Oh and by the way Nebraska – you paid BYU 1 million bucks to come play today – a big thank you!!!!!
And Nebraska fans start crying for a new coach already – after one game – because that's how smart they are
Somewhere Northwestern is yelling "how does that feel shitheads!!!!!!"
How Nebraska can have a timeout prior to that final play and set up for the worst Hail Mary defense I have ever seen is beyond me! Nice work
Great defense Nebraska!
I don't care if I know the chick or not – that's someone's daughter, someone's friend – and that shits not going to happen
A note to all dudes – if you and your friends go to the bar and are trying to coax a drunk ass girl to ur car youll have to kill me to do it
So today was a painful day
This is the kind of dog that I need
Mornings are so fun....
Simple solution – start smoking. Alcohol is terrible for you and makes you fat. Smoking is terrible for you and speeds up your metabolism
I thought it was the freshman 15 not freshman 50 – what is up with everyone getting so fat
"Hey u watchin the VMAs" .. No I couldn't give a shit less

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