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#Gotham comes on #Tonight I gotta #DVR it and catch up
It's #NoBraDay and I have only gotten one #DM showing a girl supporting the cause
Dear Twitter App on my phone why do alert me when other people I follow follow people that's just dumb
never make the same mistake twice, there are so many try a different one each day ;)
#HowBoutThemCowboys now I'm ready for bed got a long week ahead
She is mad I'm using the bathroom and didn't let her in here with me #CrazyPuppy
Where to watch the #DallasCowboys ???
I don't usually making tips at work because I never setup a tip jar but this tip last night was unexpected......
Iggy Azalea is hip hop for teens that still get put in timeout.
The USB drive from the first Camaro is now in the new one
Tonight is the night #GarthBrooksConcert in #Jacksonville
#Georgiabulldogs look good so the day is starting great #GarthBrooksConcert later today
Sleep time then #GarthBrooks it's gonna be a good Saturday just let @UGAAthletics won tomorrow #GoDawgs
#UGA fans have started an online petition to the White House to have Todd #Gurley's suspension lifted.
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#winstonsuspension over serious crimes goes back on field #GurleySuspension indefinitely #WTF
Dog's sleeping so I think I'll take a nap too
I guarantee there's a pregnant teenager somewhere who thinks 'Ebola' would be a lovely name for their child
#GoneGirlMovie was wild one to see for sure
Its painful to say goodbye to someone you don't want to let go, but more painful to ask someone to stay when you know they want to leave.
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Drinking a cold glass of water in the morning will wake you faster than a cup of coffee.
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This #Ebola stuff is getting outta control I don't like this......#Santa I want a #HazmatSuit
Become educated on the severity of Ebola. Don't let the media fool you. That shit is no joke.
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Come home to see a kitten I've been taking car was hit by a car #SlowDown it's a neighborhood not a race track
I got : Hot Temper! What's your anger type?… via @play_buzz
#follobackinstantly #followSpree #RT this and I'll follow you back and if you want me to listen to your music #Fav and #RT
I ran out of Anti-Depressants, so I'm drinking a bottle of No More Tears Shampoo.
If you're ever homeless, spend whatever money you have on a 24 hour gym membership. You'll have a place to go at night, showers, etc.
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White Americans will be a minority in less than 30 years.
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The more you speak negatively about things and people, the more negative things you call into your life.
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Disappoint destroys trust. The emotional stress caused by disappointment generally makes people less trusting.
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#SOA #FinalRide my heart can't take this
The most powerful way to win an argument is by asking questions. It can make people see the flaws in their logic.
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So I was just asked to speak at the #AidsQuilt ceremony here in Brunswick what a huge honor. Now to get some media attention on the event
#Bruno likes to PARTY !!!!! Make him #instafamous #Shiranian gone wild #Puppyoftheday
A man took this picture of his wife the next day he asked for a divorce see if you can spot the reason.........
The Happy Meal at Taco Bell comes with a pair of clean underwear
Today is boring luckily tonight is @SonsofAnarchy Night #ReaperCrew sound off
Taco bell why you gotta be so rude waking me just poo........
I'm so old and boring during the week can't even make it to midnight #WhatHappenedtoME
I wanna have the #emulator on stage at @JaxLanding for #GAvsFL
#Quesarito you so good but I know I won't sleep soundly after this #TacoBellProblems
25 years ago 8 pm meant bed time now it's what else do I need to get done time #Iwannabeakidagain
So sleepy but to early for bed #AdultProblems
#Armaggedon is on I love this movie and it has a badass soundtrack #Aerosmith
I just entered to win @FCN2go's Facebook #sweepstakes for a chance at a tailgate party from @CertifiedSteak