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Ray Costa
No matter how much money I have I'll always order 2 for 20 at chilies. #cheapnigga
Listen people that lady who won the lottery ain't giving you shit so stop posting pics of her all over my Instagram. #depinga
If you don't have people hating on you , your not succeeding.
@EmilyPerez316: @Costa_Officiall LMAAO! Boredom...” It's all good same here
@EmilyPerez316: “@Costa_Officiall: Emily = PERFECTION.” :') thank you! You rock 😜”😂😂
Ever wonder if they miss talking to you ? Well they don't so get over yourself lol.
People are unfair , selfish , and assholes. #caseclosed
Live the way that you want to be remembered.
As you breathe right now, another person takes his last. Stop complaining, and learn to live your life with what you got.
When filling your car with gas, hold the trigger half way. You'll get more gas and less air in the tank. #yourwelcome
Went to burger king to get chicken fries and freaking lady tells me they sold out ! 😐#fatpeopleprobzz
Stay classy San Diego.
@fckingfowler: @Costa_Officiall 😂 this has been fun.” What a fantastic conversation ! Lol
@fckingfowler: @Costa_Officiall 😂😩✋ woah I'm talking 2fl oz. of every perfume manufactured lol” 😂😂
@fckingfowler: @Costa_Officiall 😂 perfume game has to be on point then” lol hell yea that Macy's sample bottles !
@JesssGlz: @Costa_Officiall Thats a powerful one 👃” ohh I know !
👱 -- Me |\ /|🍆 💦 ☔️ 🙆 -- All you bitches
My life won't be complete until I find my name on a coca-Cola bottle. #lifegoals
Gonna start vining my life away from now on.
I hate the iPhone cable with a passion.
When you wake up like your falling.
I want a big ass shark to bite justin beiber fucking head off :)
I want a shark in my pool ! #SharkWeek
Rip the amazing robin Williams. So sad to see you go my dude ! Amazing actor.
Miami is beautiful when it wants to be.
Panorama Saturdays at Club Fifty #raycostafifty #raycosta #miami #dj ⚫️⚫️⚫️ @ Club Fifty
Shark week t mins 40 mins THANK YOU BABY JESUS.
I can't promise you a perfect relationship, but what I can promise is that if your trying , I'm…
you don't like me? I don't care. I love me.
50 tonight for my boy Chinos bday celebration! @Costa_Officiall on the tables!
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@Danny_bohorquez: @Costa_Officiall @UpscaleMIKE not just 6 bucks lmao there's something else included from a really good fan 😂😂”LMFAO
@UpscaleMIKE: So Mr @Costa_Officiall signed my dresser, I wonder how much I can sell this for” roughly 6 bucks lol
Join Kermit and all his ladies tonight at @FIFTYMiami in the beautiful @viceroymiami I'll be supplying…
@NatalieOlivera: @Costa_Officiall Ray Ray Costyyy! 😃” what's up yo ! Lol
Turn your cants into cans , and your dreams into plans.
Goodnight ladies and gents.