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♫ ♪ ♫ Dj Dads ♫ ♪ ♫
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How could I act like I don't care.. Jesus you've done so much for me.
Sure has been a while.. Find me on IG: @djdads007... I'll follow foward..
Morewhile me remember somethings, me affi laugh :)
Things take a little time...
Tek weh yuh gyal then release har like a mixtape! #Sambada #ChaCha
Me a run IG hot tonight! Follow me @djdads007 :)
If you'd just change your mind, you change your life. #SmileForTheWorld
Going to bed early.. Got a long day ahead of me. Can't sleep without it! ^_^
She love me like Jesus, rate me like Selassie <3
Light the candle, chill the white wine ;) #MyTime #SheNeedMe
Squeeze me tight and don't let go.
Love you too much to ever start liking you, so don't expect me to be your friend.
Say she wanna have a ball, so me give har a pair ;)
You don't even know the half of it.
Wonder if a di cut inna yuh face mek yuh fiesty? :/ #QuengDem
Community Tuesdays was up!! Crazy vibe! Quality International! Black Nation International! Dj Dads! Dj Roy! #Up
So me know yuh have me head away eno! :) <3
Sighz.. Soundcloud nah move right
None a my fren me nah buy gun.. Look a work and elevate yourself youth, come offa the corner when night come. #GhettoRoad
Hehehehehe... I know what's going on! #GoodTry
I like us better when we're wasted!!! \O/
Not that that's out of the way.. Bed! :)
Have you heard ‘ALKALINE - HOW IT FEEL [EXPLICIT]’ by @djdads007 on #SoundCloud?…
*Yarns* Sleep a kick in.. Unlike me :/ Just after 1 now.. Oh, well.. One episode of "Power" before bed :)
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Celebrating the legacy of Nelson Mandela.
I'm feeling lucky tonight! :D