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What a powerful episode tonight on @ScandalABC definitely thought provoking. #TGIT
WOW! This moment! There are no words! #Scandal
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It's not too late to book something for Spring break next week is it?
If you paid 50 dollars to watch the fight I feel sorry for you. #14seconds
Ronda Rousey is a straight boss 14 second fastest takedown to keep the championship in UFC History. Kat didn't stand a chance.
If everything was free life wouldn't be worth working for.
Hours at work= non existent
Note to class: if the professor asks you if you want to stop for the day or move onto the next lesson don't let them decide for u @NKUProbs
It's way too early to be up right now especially on 4 hours of sleep.
"@tacobell: The next Taco Bell Freeze is coming 2/26/15. #SnappleLemonadeFreeze" can't go wrong with a new freeze.
Dang it's crazy how much an injury can affect your career and the outcome of where you could be in your life. #PrayForDRose
If it's not one thing it's always another..
The Oscars in my opinon will never compare to last year back when @TheEllenShow hosted it no matter how hard they try.
If I have to clean off my car one more time this week... 🔫
Remember in high school, they said, "Enjoy your snow days now, because there are no snow days in college"?@NKUProbs
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Is it bad that I now just expect the 5 text, 6 emails and one phone call saying "Nku is closed"? @NKUProbs
This has probably been one of the easiest weeks for school/work.
Once again classes are canceled? I'm okay with this. @NKUProbs
I have things to do if this snow would stop that'd be great.
Is it spring yet?
I wouldn't recommend clicking or searching for 50 shades of Disney unless you want your childhood to be ruined.
Better than any Good morning text to wake up to!
Saturday Night Live needs to keep bringing back the old cast in order to get their views back up because it's normally not this funny #SNL40
You should always take a chance because you never know how much better your life will turn out to be if you just put it out there.
Happy Valentine's Day hope you all spend it with the one you love because some people don't even have the opportunity to do even that.
There shouldn't be a set out day for you to Love someone or buy them gifts because if you really "Loved" them then show it everyday.
I just have to start doing what's best for me. #PositiveVibes
Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!! #Grimm starts right NOW! #BIESTFIGHT
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It doesn't have to be Friday the 13th to know that you're the bad luck that entered my life.
Thanks for watching #TheBlacklist with us tonight. Stay put -- @NBCAllegiance starts right now.
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#TGIT I swear I look forward to this day the most.
If it wasn't for Twitter I wouldn't of known that Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.
I feel so much better after I workout tbh 💪💪
Before this week I never heard of "Getting shade" or "Giving shade" but now it's everywhere on my Twitter tbh haha. #AlwaysLearning
Because the past doesn't matter. You can't change it so the best option is to just look toward the future.
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Everyone used to be obsessed with changing their ringtone and signature now people could really care less it's funny how times have changed.
My life and everyone else's consist of minor setbacks but that's all they are is minor you can get through this! #StayPositive
I hate when people blackmail me or try and guilt me into doing something for them after they have done something nice for me.

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