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Regarding the recent shooting in Oregon or any shootings for that matter. How many deaths or problems do we have to see to reach a solution?
Start my new job today and I really have no idea what I'm doing or where in this building I'm going.. off to a great start!
MI clase de español es muy muy interesante.
Waited all night for this and can't even see it because it's too cloudy.. #SuperBloodMoon
I always miss these rare opportunities hope I don't tonight..…
Free Kona ice snowcones on campus? Alright this day is getting better I love NKU.
When people ask you "How's your day going?" Do they actually want you to answer or just be like "Oh it's fine... yours?
I can't believe after working over 2 years for a company tonight will be my last night. Time has flown time to close this chapter though.
Me: Hope the professor is collecting the homework instead of giving a quiz. Professor: I'm giving a quiz!! @NKUProbs
I can never win if I think I did bad on a test I did bad and if I think I did really good I still do bad. I give up..
Pumpkin Cheesecake has returned! When will you?
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You can only prepare so much for a math exam and with that being said I'm probably screwed.
If it wasn't for constant notifications on my phone I'd probably forget a lot more things which is actually pretty sad...
I completely forgot today was Payday
I should be asleep right now...
#NeverForget the day the world stood still and everyone watched as the two planes hit the World Trade Center 14 years ago. Prayers for all.
Job Interview today! Wish me luck!
Everyday is another day where you proved the people who doubted you wrong keep staying strong you got this! #WorldSuicidePreventionDay
That's the game!! If you had any doubt you aren't a true fan! Where all the Ohio State fans at? OH! #OSUvsVT #OhioAgainstTheWorld #GoBucks
Braxton Miller lookin like a boss tonight #GoBucks #OSUvsVT
These are the type of games you wait all summer for #OSUvsVT
3 day weekend, Friday and getting paid? Yup Definitely going to be a great day!
NKU finally has its own Snapchat filter! About time.. @NKUProbs
People come and go that's life... You just have to find the ones that will always stick around.
It didn't even feel like a weekend it went by entirely too quick..
Debating on ordering the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ or waiting till something better is released. #TheNextBigThing
Sometimes what you think is best for you may not actually be the best in the future.
There's a first for everything I guess.
Never have I ever had a Spanish class where everyone had to exchange phone numbers until today haha..
Well.. It's official summer 2k15 is over starting tomorrow back to College/UNI it was fun while it lasted.
I could get used to going to more and more concerts now.
Fetty wap, Kid Ink, Omarion, Chris Brown concert was seriously live tonight.
I never understood why Twitter felt the need to give us a character DM limit in the first place.. I'm glad they got rid of it.
Big Sean and J. Cole concert was lit
I don't know why I'm so tired..😴
#InternationalBeerDay Falls on a Friday? I think this happens on purpose but I can still get behind this trend.
Does anyone ever notice how different time peception is when you're dreaming? Like 2 days dreaming can be just an hour of sleeping.. Crazy.
You're the first person I always want to talk to but I know I'm the last you want to hear from.
Why do I even bother watching new shows if they're just going to get cancelled?
I had No doubt that Gwen Stefani and Gavin wouldn't work because all she wanted was a "Sweet Escape"
Fact: With this finish, @RondaRousey has finished six consecutive opponents, which ties the 3rd-longest finish streak in UFC history #UFC190
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You can literally watch all of @RondaRousey Fights on vine that's how quick they are.
Sorry but nobody has anything against @RondaRousey Straight boss!! #UFC190
Let's be honest here the real fight we're all waiting for is @RondaRousey #UFC190
Can't wait for the fight with my girl @RondaRousey tonight about time she fights again ! #UFC190

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