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You recently obtained a surprising scoop on someone you know a... More for Pisces
You are entranced by someone's cheery disposition today, only ... More for Pisces
Your intentions may be misunderstood today but the gulf betwee... More for Pisces
You believe you're seeing the entire picture now, but you may ... More for Pisces
Focusing on your work can be a real challenge today when you h... More for Pisces
It feels as if your current actions won't alleviate your sense... More for Pisces
Relaxing doesn't feel like a viable option today, especially i... More for Pisces
Putting all your eggs in one basket might seem necessary, yet ... More for Pisces
You could be lost in space today but you're able to camouflage... More for Pisces
There's too much drama going on today for your personal taste ... More for Pisces
You would rather pursue a more meaningful path in life but dra... More for Pisces
You may be engaged in an uphill battle to keep your dreams und... More for Pisces
You're under the impression you can sense every single wave in... More for Pisces
Although you're comfortable discussing your creative ideas at ... More for Pisces
You may be overly concerned that you have taken a relationship... More for Pisces
Your concerns about your future plans could grow more serious ... More for Pisces
I'm losing myself..but I'll never forget you and all you taught me.
Your belief system may clash with someone else's today, creati... More for Pisces
You could be fooling yourself into believing that your heart i... More for Pisces
You're having trouble fitting in with the group today and you'... More for Pisces
You can finally stand and hold your ground after an extended p... More for Pisces
Producing tangible results needs to be your top priority today... More for Pisces
Just when you finally find your groove, one more distraction p... More for Pisces
You're walking a fine line today and even those routines that ... More for Pisces
You aren't necessarily thrilled with the fact that you have to... More for Pisces
Your message might be lost under the churning waves of emotion... More for Pisces
You may experience a lack of support as you try to express you... More for Pisces
Like foot steps through your mind, your life will forever be the same, if you don't make the decision to change.
My sugar wasn't feelin' a photo shoot! lol
Hope you all had a great 4th🇺�u7
Happy July 4th weekend everyone! ❤️💙❤️💙❤️GdB
Welcome back..your dreams are your ticket out.
I see you turned out to be just like the rest.
"If you wait till you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you'll end up doing nothing for nobody!"
By the way, I'm wearing the smile you gave me.
At your best, you are psychically attuned to the vibes, though... More for Pisces
You might think you're being completely rational today but you... More for Pisces
You can usually rely on your intuition to steer you in the rig... More for Pisces
I love being the wicked witch in your fairytale.
If I got rid of my demons, I'd lose my angels.
No one is perfect,we all make mistakes. Despite our failings, we still deserve respect.Don’t let anyone put you down.
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I miss U in waves & tonight I'm drowning.U left me fending 4my life & it feeling like ur the only one who can bring me back 2the shore alive
There are 3 things i like about myself: I don't play, I give my all, and I love deeply.
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And then she realized she had devoted a whole book to someone who treated her like a footnote. So she put down the pen & stopped writing.
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Because I can, that's why! 😎👍

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