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How many Pixar “Easter eggs” can you spot?
It’s quite a feeling when you’ve chased down your dream.
Things in our adventure books: traveling, meeting a talking dog... What’s in yours?
“Oh, boy! This is gonna be good, I can tell!” Here’s a Finding Nemo quote for every occasion:
“It always sounds silly talking about toys like they have feelings, but they do.” - story artist Matthew Luhn
Here’s to the only actor who has voiced a character in every single one of our feature films:
If you could be any Toy Story character, who would it be? Find out with this quiz:
Brainstorming ideas for a super suit: simple, elegant, bold. And no capes.
“People are more important than ideas” - @edcatmull in his new book, Creativity, Inc.:
“You’ve got to zig when the story zags.” - production designer Ricky Nierva
The perfect inspiration for a spring day:
Super speed or super strength? Here’s a quiz to find out which Incredible skill you would have:
The best plans can be both simple and insane.
During April, we are lighting it up blue to support and honor the families at Pixar and around the world affected by autism.
To support National Autism Awareness Month, we are changing Luxo Jr.’s lightbulb to blue. #WorldAutismAwarenessDay
“I may be (your age), but I still cry every time I watch Toy Story 3.”
Will you be using your super suit this weekend?
Well this is amazing. Ed Catmull wrote a new book, Creativity, Inc. and it’s available 4/8!
Sometimes you have to improvise. Just stay loose, have fun, and you’ll be fine.
#PixarPerspective: A good party requires pizza, a disco ball, and two operational door stations.
Be bold. Support your team. Pixar characters really know how to be effective leaders:
The ultimate team sport? Filmmaking.
“Roger that, Beach Ball. Operation ‘Party Central’ is a go.” - Sulley, #PartyCentral