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Never underestimate a simple change of perspective.
How would you describe your favorite Pixar movie in 140 characters or less? #Pixar140orLess:
It's quite a feat to turn movies into tweet. See our condensed stories in #Pixar140orLess:
#Hungry for trivia? Hidden City Cafe in Monstropolis was a real cafe in Richmond, California, and was Pete Docter's favorite restaurant.
(•_•) <) )╯ STRUT / \ \(•_•) ( (> YOUR / \ (•_•) <) )> STUFF / \
"You've got to zig when the story zags."—Ricky Nierva, production designer #PixarPerspective
Our director Peter Sohn can't wait for you to meet Arlo! #TheGoodDinosaur releases in theaters November 2015.
Our director Peter Sohn can't wait for you to meet Arlo! #TheGoodDinosaur releases in theaters November 2015.…
The art department went through 407 concepts for Gusteau's kitchen before landing on the final design.
It's a night of fright on @ABCFamily! See #ToyStoryOfTerror at 7:30pm and 10pm ET/PT and #MonstersInc at 8pm ET/PT.
"Does anyone want gum?" —Sheri Squibbles
Incredible things happen every day.
"So go out there. Help others." —John Lasseter #PixarPerspective
Ready to roll? See how many times you can spot the Luxo ball in our movies:
Reach for the claw. Even if you miss, you'll land among the little green men.
"...but only the fearless can be great."
.@DisneyInsider has just met Dug, and they love Dug. See the new talking Dug plush in action:
Pixarpalooza rocks. #TBT to last month's annual festival where our in-house bands rock it out on stage.
Just a friendly reminder that it still isn't Friday.
Get your first look at @ABC's new 'Toy Story' special: (via @EWTV)
Retweeted by Disney•Pixar
"I vant to siphon your gas!" —Mater
We're seizing the daylight #InsidePixar.
Sometimes, you've just gotta wing it.
"The monster world was the hard part. It's a place based purely on imagination."—Harley Jessup, production designer
The recipe for success is simple: don't follow a recipe.
Finding Nemo - The Musical is making a splash at @waltdisneyworld. #JustKeepSinging
You've eventually got a friend in me.
♫ And we'll recall when time runs out that it only took a moment to be loved a whole life long. ♫
Making Carl Fredricksen proud #InsidePixar.
"Visual polish frequently doesn't matter if you are getting the story right."—@edcatmull #PixarPerspective
With fronds like these, who needs anemones? Find out which Pixar duo you and your BFF are: