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The timeless tale goes dark. #Maleficent's cast talks about the legacy of Sleeping Beauty:
Does this plant look familiar?
What’s your Disney personality type? Find out:
♫ I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss! ♫ #Enchanted
Happy Birthday, Tokyo Disneyland!
Happy Birthday to Tokyo Disneyland!
"Well, there's one thing: they can't order me to stop dreaming." #Cinderella
Correct answer to today's #DisneyTrivia RT @maddiekennedi: Hungary.
#DisneyTrivia: In The Rescuers, which country does Miss Bianca represent at the Rescue Aid Society?
"The thing that distinguishes us from everybody else, and always has and always will, is our past."
Certain as the sun that you're a #BeautyAndTheBeast expert? Find out:
"Anything for you, Mary Poppins. You're our favorite person."
“You’re not a lady! You’re nothing but a sister!” #TheAristocats
Happy Birthday to Disneyland Paris!
Here are some tips on how to be a Disney bear, in celebration of @Disneynature’s Bears:
Can you guess where Disney Instagram is today?
Does your favorite Disney character have a shiny personality? Here are a few of @OhMyDisney’s favorites:
Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas sketch the three fairies during production of Sleeping Beauty in 1957. #ThrowbackThursday
Watch the new trailer for @Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom, swinging into theaters Earth Day 2015: