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Get a peek *right now* of the new @Guardians trailer, premiering 5/19, 10AM PT with live cast Q&A, only on Facebook!
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Jim Henson’s Muppet*Vision 3-D burst from the screen at Walt Disney World on this day in 1991.
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@hauntedmansionW: Hatbox ghost cosplay from the Haunted Mansion.
Disney's Polynesian Resort Guests to Receive Blizzard Beach Tickets During Pool Rehab
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"Alien" artist HR Giger has died at 74. The Great Movie Ride thanks him. (Photo from…)
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Also, the model for the FL version of Tiki Room. Note the original pond: (more info here
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I know HorrorNights is ligit on snapchat, but it just looks like Horrornightsorl is random scribbles, when does HHN ask yes or no?
Beautiful “@Attractions: New glass Butterbeer mugs for sale @UniversalORL -
Is HorrorNightsOrl real on snapchat? Because I get pics like this and it seems way too shady. @HorrorNightsORL
Just left the Sean Astin panel at @WizardWorld, now waiting for Robert Englund!!
I will never not like @mallofamerica
Make sure to stick around after the film, and Shazam "It's on Again" for some extra goodies showing off what's to come in the future.
There are only a handful of movies I could go right back in to see again, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of them.
Happy 25th Anniversary to Hollywood Studios! It's been an honor spending the last 4 years working there.
The 25th Anniversary of Disney's Hollywood Studios is May 1st! See how we're celebrating: #DHS25
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@DisneyParksJenn: Do you remember Monster Sound Show at Disney's Hollywood Studios? Here's a look back: #DHS25
How is it that @StubHub is still a legal thing? I'm sick of seeing sold out events but hundreds of tickets on sale there.
I just finished maze deck for a creative rollout for one of the licenses for this year.. Here's a glimpse at a page.
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Don't miss the @ThrillingAdv Hour in Room N427 at 11! They brought some sweeeet guests! @RiderStrong @MarcEvanJackson
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I think the biggest rule you could ever follow at a con is not to bother a cosplayer while they're eating.
Full panel up on soundcloud after if it's finished!
Stan Lee relieving subtle spoilers for his cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy saying it involves him and a "very pretty girl".
Waiting anxiously for @TheRealStanLee's spotlight panel!! Likely a once in a life time opportunity. @c2e2
A man I watched religiously growing up, @RiderStrong is here. Better pics later @c2e2
3rd and final day of @c2e2, sad to see another year go by so quickly!
Making my way downtown to @c2e2!
Take a look back at ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure! @Disneyland
Disney "struggling" with Captain America 3 release date in 2016.…
Check out the all there is to see at the Treasures of the…
Getting excited for @c2e2 Chicago this weekend!
Check out the all there is to see at the Treasures of the Disney Archives!
Original Disneyland Haunted Mansion Headstones.…
The Disney Archives exhibit was fantastic. Old Bride in the Attic and Hitchhiking Ghosts!!…
Visiting the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives at Museum of Science and Industry!
Muppet*Vision 3D at #Disney 's Hollywood Studios has a new pre-show with an interruption from Constantine! #Muppets #WDW #MuppetsMostWanted
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Wizarding World Update: Knight bus arrives on the London waterfront, details starting to show:…
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Bioshock Infinite's Buried Under the Sea is seriously one of the greatest game add-ons ever.
FIRST LOOK: Girl Meets World teaser
Try and tell me it wasn’t a lightsaber that Fury used to get out of his car, tell me!
Sam Rockwell would make a great Deadpool in my opinion.
Here’s your first look at The Trophy Room, one of the six boutiques coming to Downtown Disney @WaltDisneyWorld Resort
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