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Troy D'mano
Traveling is cool, but there is no place like home.
Everyday I think about the money
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I Hate When People talk to me While I'm irritated 😡😤😤 ... ™
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No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.
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Okay okay 😂😭😂
Spilling all this liquor cuz I don't give a fuck.
Always talkin bout shit you ain't gonna do
Can only hide what's important for so long.
The shit can always get deeper.
All my anger was towards that one person who pushed me to my limit.
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Fix your face. You look upset
Popped a hitter now I'm in it now
Take a hint god damn
You didn't used to fuck with me doe...
I'm about to take off 🚀✈️🚁
Don't let anybody but YOU control YOUR life.
If you're broke you shouldn't have an opinion about SHIT!!!! 🐸💨
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Yeah I'm nice and I help people out when I can, but fuck me and I fuck you twice.
This is an A&B conversation. You can C your way out.
We are the selfish generation. I want money, cars, and clothes.
These haters seeming more like fans lately ! 😂😂. I'm not trippin
Bitch I'm cooler than a cooler
Cutting✂️ off all the unneeded people and starting fresh.
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Lord knows I got some bad habits, baby. 🙊
Tweet me your instagram accts so I can follow you , tweeps 🙌🙌
I'm tryna build an empire 💯💯💯👐🇺🇸
When you start to doubt yourself, that's when shit gets fucked up. Just sayin 💯
Rather risk it all then play it safe that's the shit I been on 🎧
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House Music The Key To Any Girls Heart!
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Today is about drinks at the pool 🍺🍻🏊🍕
Peace and quiet 🙏
I'm getting better at holding in tweets when I'm pissed off 😇
I earn my strikes 🍪🇺🇸
Wait, who the fuck are you ?
so if you wanna judge me, then judge me .. but know that it don't put you above me
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Damn, I would never treat a female like that. Especially in front of others