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Dylan Jordan
Or that disabled pug dog that literally can't run properly he like bounces all over the place in all different directions he's so fab
Dog's are so cute I love when they make that type of stupid looking face with their tongue hanging out it's the cutest
I always wake up in awful humor jesus when did I turn into such an angry bitch
does anyone know what's happening with all stars 2 who's in it?
this summer was absolute horse shit
One direction are splittling up sorry Nick Jonas it's not 2 direction it's officially directionless
feeling sick and hungover is a horrible mix
Look at how fierce I was at my show yesterday
@DylJordanxo you were actually amazing !! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
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If someone's important to you, you prove it by being there for them when shit hits the fan
@DylJordanxo where was that u absolute legend ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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my fist ever performance to nicki minaj the night is still young I look busted hahahaโ€ฆ @AdoreDelano please look
I'm only on season 5 of PLL halfway through and the new episode is on tonight omg I need to catch up!
this is my hair i don't wear wigs #drag
I'm just glad I went through that experience and learned to take criticism because for what I want to do it'll be full of it
My vids on FB I made I'm happy they made people happy but I was putting myself out there as if I went on like all the time it was so fake
I just deleted facebook, jesus after 3 years of being a facebook junkie and just wanting likes all the time I finally deleted the thing
like you're a creep no one cares hahahahaha fucking physcho fangirlsโ€ฆ
Lock ur side bitch up in cage until needed for future references cause swag
Smash his face in with a sledge hammer to show u care
it's not comforting when someone retweets a tweet from 3 years ago
That moment when people stop talking to you and start treating you like dirt is horrible
Kylie Jenner better watch out, I'm living for this wig tbh!
girls my wig arrived, isn't it gorg
Living under the same roof as one of your parents that you just don't get along with at all is torture
Girls crying when they meet kim kardashion, bitch why would you cry for meeting a famous slut lol
where has pretty little liars been all my life omg it's literally my life, sorry but aria and ezra are relationship goals tbh
I thought I was being healthy by getting lemon green tea and I just took a sup and I'm after spitting it everywhere, it's disgusting omg
If you pay for your followers you're actually a geebag and need to go play with the traffic
Skin wars is actually so good
When people from America are like "I'm one quarter Irish, I'm basically Irish" Fuck off and go super size that McDonald's and eat it bitch
all we want is someone to care
the easiest way to get anyone to do anything is say I'll buy you a takeaway
i hate when i offer someone food and they accept
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Ever got out the shower and forgot your towel? Running threw the house like a naked ass squirrel ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜„
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Bang bang me all over the room I know u want it xo
So what if zayn called someone fat like all you bitches need to get over yourselves #gtfo
Can't wait for my lacefront and lashes to get here omg I'm going to actually look fab at my next show #poshladyhausrealness
I want to have sex in an office like that's so kinky omg
Zayn is a legend hahaha #fatjoke
in the near future i'm planning on making a little short documentary on my life and about getting into make up and drag how does that sound?
someone should just send me make up tbh
I'd love life to just be nice sometimes ugh

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