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Dyl Jordan
I NEVER LET PEOPLE IN| Dyl Jordan:… via @YouTube
i find it so hard to let people into my life...
ben won the xfactor here's my opinion
Mean girls is life
OK, promise? OK, now everybody take some rubbers.
Don't have sex because you will get pregnant and die Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up, just don't do it
No one's safe in a gay group chat
The weird thing is, is that I was having a nightmare...
Last night in my dream i kept having orgasms and it literally felt like I came 30 times in a row it was so weird
I'll be happy when puberty does it's job and when people are doing my jobs for me :))
Blanket on and I feel like I'm going to die from overheating blanket off and I'm going to freeze to death half and half is too awkward
that guy prnce ea is a genius
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I liked a @YouTube video from @DylJordanxo When I'm Gone | Cup Song FAIL | Dyl Jordan
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I liked a @YouTube video from @DylJordanxo GET TO KNOW ME TAG! | Dylan Jordan
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why does the porn get better after you cum
alex from target went viral, someone take a selfie of me and make me go viral
justin's hair is on point tho
one direction are so ugly now
Sorry about that spelling, we all know what it's like when you type when you're angry
and views is horrible and i'm embarrassed or them
newspapes are sad! they make money off bringing people down start drama for viewers, trying to destroy someone as a person for money
lwhy do pe feel the need to put others down especially newspapers over the smaest of thingsl
she has a vision and she's going with it and that's fantastic
ok so the book was ghostwritten, people need to get over it, she's a beauty vlogger, not an author and that's okay
zoe is amazing at what she does
this drama over the whole zoella thing is horrible
them religious preachers really do rip the piss out of yeah so i done the same
watch me fail miserably at the cup song, dont forget to subscribe!
I shit myself over a spicebag NEW VIDEO
New video everybody, THROWBACK time
Them songs that take so long to kick in that you reach menopause
I just want to have a moment in the the rain like out of the films and make a gif out of it l o l
I'm always tired, tired of lyf
"F is for friends who do stuff without you"
When Beyonce comes on my inner stripper comes out
Guys follow my Instagram @DylJordanxo I follow back :)
Took this of alext.5 I think it looks so good omg love it! Check out his page he only made it