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Dylan Jordan
Well there is a drag shoot coming up next week so that's something to look forward to
I make the weirdest food ever
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Morning America, what are we offended by today?
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Great things come with great efforts.
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Say "Rihanna I don't have your money" 3 times in the mirror she'll pop up like this
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BBHMM literally slays I swear Rihanna never ever fails I love her
Believe in the future. The world is getting better. There still is plenty of opportunity. –Walt Disney
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This is a pic from my first ever drag show I look like I'm going to attack someone for taking my drink hahahaha
Do u ever catch yourself thinking rude things about someone or judging them and you’re like “stop that, that’s not nice, don’t u do that”
That moment when @DylJordanxo's eyebrows are better than yours...😌
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Starting to get better, not bad for using shitty products
I understand now why people get so into it while watching sports because its kinda how I feel watching a lipsync for your life on Drag Race
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Can Beyoncé release new music like now pls
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The older I get the less friends I have I'm starting to feel alone
Fast food is prod the worst and best thing that's ever happened to me
I swear the only thing that excites me anymore is straight guys.
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It's so shit having no party's or anything to look forward to😢
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good people get up and make themselves a better person…
using pokémon to get nudes, that is one smart person hahahaha
I just made a red pepper, tomato, potato and vinegar omelette and it was fab I used vinegar as an onion alternative it gave it a good kick
I need me some new adore music
if anyone sees me on the weekend come over and chat with me please dont start screaming my name like an animal its too overwhelming haha
I better see all you bitches on saturday at gay pride ok
I want to be one of them pretty twitter girls with a million followers ugh
Wrecks me head when people tweet a million times bumming a follow off a celebrity I'm telling you just be unique and send a pic of ur tits x
Here how the fuck is the queen of england still alive the age of her she's like a walking coffin the mad bitch haha
I get urges at nigh to put on make-up, I'm sitting here with a full face of make-up on and it's so irrelevant cuz I'm just gonna wash it off
tbh I'd let the whole of one direction climb up inside me and have a gaff party and wreck the gaff x
zayn malik is still hot even though he's bald, I'd let him shove that bald head up my arse tbh
insidious 3 was brilliant omg loved it!
where can i watch insurgent online thats really good quality like all the ones i watch are all cinema copies it's so annoying
I need a scumbag fella who wears tracksuits and has a big dick ugh hate life
If @DylJordanxo actually goes to circus on Saturday I will actually cry with happiness, love that guys videos 💃🏻
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