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-Di.☯ DiHardPodcast
Episode 118 recorded! 🔥it's hot!
I just realized that my job needs me right now more than I need it. I feel liberated. #Online #Accreditation
FunFact: there are very few pictures of me from the year of my birth to 2011. My parents lost a bunch of picts when they moved + the flood.
My 2013 Ford Fusion is chilling with a Jaguar. Maybe they will make cute baby cars together.
I totally want to do a Star Lord Fem cosplay! The leather jacket @prattprattpratt wears are amazing!
I could do a solo pod about my inappropriate thoughts about #werepanther but I think I need comedic minds to help! @2nerds_1podcast
I'm making a file of inappropriate thoughts including the joke from Nerdist #SDCC for @2nerds_1podcast
Oh em geeee you guys!! Spoon was on the @nerdist Podcast. Can’t contain the excitement. #squeeeee @NerdistDotCom…
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I will not feed the trolls. I will not feed the trolls. I will not feed the trolls. I will not feed the trolls. I will not feed the troll
My first improv performance with my group is Thursday, August 21st. WHAT???
Moment taken. RT @lolitesque: Can we all just take moment to appreciate how adorable @nerdist is? midnight
I LOVE THIS SHOW! Please watch it! RT @jonahray: Tonight's #TheMeltdown has @nerdist, @marcmaron, ...
I'm surprised @nerdist hasn't scheduled a performance @The_Wilbur yet.'s Shart week on @midnight we get a whole week of this shit. Brace for the turds that will be #hashtagwars #butz
Such a happy African Violet!
"Something's rotten in the state of Denmark...and Hamlet's taking out the trash!" @midnight @nerdist
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At improv practice we did a bit about a cat wrangler. I wanted to make a pussy joke so bad! CH has been a bad influence on me!
Felicia Day's Geek and Sundry Joins the Legendary Digital Network - via @NerdistDotCom
Someone just called the main line and asked for @thomaslennon Sadly, it was really for Tom GLennon. So close to someone famous but so far!
Obvious Revelation of the Day: Chris Pratt is smoking hot!!! Zomg He's panty melting hot. Let's have dinner Mr. Pratt?
I wonder if people think I'm a looser in the same way my parents think my cousins are losers?
.@nerdist Guardians of the Galaxy was FUCKING AMAZING but your still not off the hook for Battleship! ;)
Is there an award for shooting yourself in the foot (metaphorically)? Because I'd win for last week!
I hope that crying kid cries during the whole movie!! #sarcasm
I love my Mom but I've come to the conclusion that she has to fill every moment with words.
I don't think my meds are right yet. I'm still so tired I could fall asleep.
It's my kind of life style. RT @nyicbosla: "Let's get super hydrated and go to bed at a reasonable hour!" ...
"The girl is a lamp fire!" "Good, Billy, but for this take can you make up lyrics even dumber?" "The world is a vampire?" "PERFECT!"
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I keep my brain from eating itself by keeping busy and listening to podcasts.
This is happening to me too! RT @TychoBrahe: I think I am actually getting worse at using the iPhone’s keyboard. A little worse each day.
Dear everybody doing the GISHWHES scavenger hunt: thank you all for asking me to help, have fun, & you can do it without me. Neil
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I liked a @YouTube video Comic-Con 2014: The Blacklist Panel (Comic Con 2014 Panel San Diego)
Ep 117 is all about #SDCC. Thanks to @nerdist and @midnight for the awesome weekend!…
I wish Benedict Cumbatch would have said in Star Trek Into Darkness: "I'm mother fucking Sherlock Holmes bitches, that's how I know."
Because of the lack of hostfuls, the percentage of women guests on the Nerdist Pod is down to 15%. #FunFacts #NerdistHistorian
Have I mentioned lately that I <3 <3 @meltdown_show very much. :)