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-Di. ☯
Single day tickets aren't for sale yet #NYCC2014
Game idea for my youtube show: What would you do to not have to watch Jack and Jill.
I think I might have just written the most heartfelt and awesome article for I just submitted it.
It's the end of Thor so let's get Loki!! #W00t
I have a permanent Live Journal account. I got it before FB was a thing. :)
Don't you hate it when you know you should re-write something but you don't have the energy to?
We can tweet gifs now. Consider this my blanket apology. (ft. @nerdist)
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You can embed GIFs in Twitter now… The Vince McMahon GIF is too big to fit. This is how I feel about it.
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If you've ever done Gallop Strengths Quest, mine 5 are: Learner, Input, developer, Context, Restorative
The artist who made the Statue of Liberty was so ridiculously high! #HighHistory @midnight
The movie Signs makes sense only when you're high. #HighHistory @midnight
Ben Franklin was high as a kite when he discovered electricity #HighHistory @midnight
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Marie Antoinette was high when she said "let them eat cake." #highhistory @midnight @nerdist #oops #lostherheadoverit
Defenestrations of Prague: people got high and others were defenestrated! #HighHistory @midnight
If you love comedy and wish to know more about the process, I recommend @ComComPod <3<3
The real story behind the laser symbol @nerdist:he got high, it was the first thing he saw when he woke up! @midnight #HighHistory
Carrot Top's career was 25% longer thanks to people getting high. #HighHistory @midnight
We would not have Doug Loves Movies if it wasn't for getting high #HighHistory @midnight
Canned cheese was invented to help people who got high eat cheese #HighHistory @midnight
Without people getting high we wouldn't have double stuffed Oreos #HighHistory @midnight
I'll see @peteholmes at the Dice!! Woot. #YMIW