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-Di.☯ DiHardPodcast
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Please take a moment and let me know what you think?…
Wednesday’s @midnight has @RonFunches @peteholmes ! I wonder if @nerdist will let me borrow the TARDIS so I can be there? Extended version?
oh @nerdist because of you I giggle like a school girl at the mention of male genitalia. My co-workers have found this out. #Ballz #Cock
The probability of my existence is pretty darn low. The odds of CH and I being friends has to be much higher. He knows my name!
Ladies there are days like this! Love them! #feministprincessbride RT @Tinu: @mickeygomez Loving it. Thanks for telling me. @AmyVernon
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I don't think that word means what you think it does. #Feminism #Time #feministprincessbride
I learned something about me and share in the new episode of DiHard Pod.
No feedback ==bad feedback right? Right. Sigh.
@wilw yes but ONLY when I'm commanding zeppelins.
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I wish I made a difference in @nerdist life.
I wish people knew the real definitions of Marxism, Socialism, Capitalism, etc.
Ok, Guys I've been told this is good. Please let me know if they were just being nice or it's true?
Video: Watch me doing improv (I’m in purple.) P.I.G. Level 1 showcase, 11-06-2014
So women in STEM can wear a shirt with pictures of sexily dressed men?…
I hope that my podcast with CH happens and that I get to be in a @nerdist intro. #BucketList #Butts #Ballz
Help a Hipster , It was successful until it went mainstream #FailedCharities @nerdist @midnight
I'm usually positive and open to new idea but even if CH offered to finger me while I was watching Dumb and Dumber To,
Society to bring back Fingering and Hand Jobs #FailedCharities @nerdist @midnight
GPS for Chickens #FailedCharities (wait for help them cross the road....) @midnight
The Reno 911 ep of @midnight was too epic to edit so here's the FULL 51 MIN EP. I swear it's worth it ->
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I liked a @YouTube video P.I.G. Level 1 showcase, 11-06-2014
Eventually I hope this isn't private. Here is me doing improv @ImprovPIG #NightShift cc: @NerdistSchool @nerdist
A lot of people are lonely and don't feel listened to, and it depresses me that #gamergate is weaponizing that pain and aiming it at women.
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NEW VIDEO!!!! If you want to watch me and Luna share an incredibly awkward moment, this is the video for you.
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I liked a @YouTube video DISGRACED on Broadway: Official Trailer
I can't tell if my action figure hanging w/ @nerdist's action figure is funny-creepy or creepy-funny.
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At the end of the day we are a member of a species not a collection of individuals. We should act like it more…
I wonder what server the Nerdist guild is on? #WorldofWarcraft
What doesn't kill you may make you pee in a bag the rest of your life.
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Vaughn (me) & Rhys (@TroyBakerVA) welcome you to the 1st trailer for @telltalegames’ TALES FROM THE BORDERLANDS!! ->…
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Being happy/contented now will help assure that attaining your desired goal/thing will bring you contentment.
This week’s #YMIW is blowing my mind.
It’s way easier to love things like Doctor Who. The program will never say “I don’t love you and I never will” #Petrichor