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-Di.☯ DiHardPodcast
It happened only once but someone accused me of stealing their #hashtag. My retort was that it was kinda obvious.…
Vote Saxon. (Because why not?)
The DiHard Podcast officially supports the following candidate for President of the US:…
I have a Bacon number!!! I'm also linked to @nerdist.
I hope you had a fantastic birthday! Happy Birthday Twitter Mom! 💜❤️…Y
Photo: Charles Bridge in Prague! (at Charles Bridge)
Charles Bridge in Prague!
Photo: I realized that I didn’t post many pictures from Prague. Here’s a panorama I took. I was worried...
I realized that I didn't post many pictures from Prague. Here's a panorama I took. I was worried about the boat. The shot can out nice!
Finally finished Misfits. It was a weird and wonderful TV program.
Do you think Trump is running for president to assure that Hillary wins?
here’s another tig memory captured for the internet forever from my talk show:
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Hey anyone doing @gishwhes if you make @nerdist ML ponies, I would love to pin them to CH and fans pinterest board!…
I liked a @YouTube video Pete Holmes' Exclusive Tig Notaro Interview - After-Hours Stand-Up Series - CONAN on
I liked a @YouTube video ‘It’s Getting Harder to Tell the Difference Between Someone Running for President
"Why Samuel? You were my most trusted lieutenant!" "Apologies Sir Stephen but my allegiance is now with the Greys."
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It's time to join the rest of the industrialized world in guaranteeing paid family leave #FMLA22…
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#Repost @nerdist with @repostapp. ・・・ Trying to get all artsy in Hixton, Wisconsin driving from Minneapolis to Madison a couple weeks ago. This was taken outside the most amazing antique mall at an abandoned high school, which is one of the coolest things I've seen on the road. The school dates back
#Repost @nerdist with @repostapp. ・・・ In today's crowded political landscape we need a candidate we can BELIEVE in. Long post short, I've been watching a shit ton of Futurama lately so I hastily drew this last night and photoshopped on some stars. Then I decided to make it look old timey for some re
I'm so excited that my baby brother is going to see @nerdist! (Me and my brother 2005)
It's an honest personal episode. Getting old doesn't have to suck!…
Watching the last @TheDailyShow with Jon Stewart 💜❤️#JonVoyagee
What a weird dihard episode I just recorded.
Remain calm. Just a couple of familiar faces back in Cardiff for... reasons…
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They don't actually believe it's a problem. They believe that we've been brain washed into thinking it's a problem.…
Yeah but have you ever thought about your retirement.. on weed? #JonVoyage @midnight
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I would totally get a TARDIS version. Especially if it was bigger on the inside!! But seriously, TARDIS yes!…
There's a really weird infomercial on @FoxNews right now that's trying to sell me old men
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There should be an uber like service that does your dishes.
I'm getting the cyst removed September 12th.
#JonStewart is inspirational and it feels weird that it's ending tonight. It's been an honor to follow the show that follows him! #JonVoyage
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Want a signed bookplate? Post a pic of you with AGENTS and mail your address to…
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Born to save the universe… The Doctor and Clara return Saturday, 19 September! #DoctorWho
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Do you have your tickets to see Chris Hardwick this Saturday night? @nerdist #comedy #tampa
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3% of all services offered is an "abortion machine"? What you call the other 97%?…
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