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Doctor Who night at Barnes and Nobel. My oldest and I ran through to take on the trivia
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End body shaming NOW. Ladies, don't ever let anyone make you feel ashamed of how many bodies you have stuffed in your crawlspace.
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#NothingMoreAmericanThan telling immigrants need to go back to their country while forgetting their ancestors were immigrants.
#NothingMoreAmericanThan staying home, doing laundry and packing for #SDCC2015 👏🏼🙌🏼🎊�@midnight @midnight
Revolutionary Airplane Crosses The Ocean Without A Drop Of Fuel via @goodnews
Collecting stuffed animals is taxidermy for not rich people. #PointsMe
I'm the hoper of far flung hopes/dreamer of improbable dreams but I feel like I'm currently at a dead in in my life. I'm not sure what to do
Dream @nerdsit visited me last night. He talked to me for the first time. He asked me if I wanted to do a quickie podcast. Of course!
I once saw a vine of some parents doing a grape job raisin their kids ... even though some of them liked to wine when they got into a jam.
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Happy 35th anniversary to AIRPLANE! Listen to a past @nerdist podcast with the filmmakers:
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I could sleep all day today.
Sometimes I can’t tell if people are trying to do a joke.…
I liked a @YouTube video Jupiter Ascending ... To The Heights of Failure [HBN 95]
I need to get my groove back.
Someone in the UK got the one download. Curiouser and curiouser. :)
I recommend going to the open mic! Do stand up, watch new talent then see the veterans! Perfect evening! A+++😊…x
What a day! Just got 1st copy of Agents of the Internet Apocalypse & Stykes & Stones podcast starts in an hour!
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. @WGladstone I really like the first episode of @StyksAndStones :)
Nice. 1 person download ep 177 before I took it down. If you’re the one, let me know?
You only have 37 more days to check out the Daily Show livestream. Do it now or you'll forget! #YourMonthofZen
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Stephen Colbert just interviewed Eminem on a public access cable show in Monroe, Michigan…
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I'm fascinated by people who think criticism is censorship. So... basically anyone who doesn't praise you/hurts your fee-fees is a fascist?
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I feel that seeing Kanye doing karaoke would be the same as seeing Kanye doing a live set as I imagine he would choose Kanye for karaoke
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I’m really nervous about this episode. It’s rambles and it’s scary to confess feels.
What a weird disjointed episode of DiHard I just recorded.
30 years ago, Back to the Future changed my life so you can imagine this pic w/ @LeaKThompson meant the world to me:
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Someday @nerdist I'll get to see you moderate a panel. It's really weird that I haven't so far. Word on the street is that you're good. :-)
Thank you reddit for making me feel loved!…
I love how when a show has a point of view different than someone, that person claims the show panders.

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