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-Di.☯ DiHardPodcast
I must decide between a 4 hour round trip plus socializing for 2-4 hours or sleep and Doctor Who. I hate holidays.
Petrichor, I become an idiot when I try to communicate with you. I will always love you. #100lovenotes
While u wait on tarmac: 25 stunning photos taken by airline passengers out the window.…
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.@hardwick @mattlewis2u @AMCTalkingDead actually there are some diseases that will cross species. e.g. Rabies. I have a BS in biology.
Putty my dog. I'm in charge of his care. Hopefully he'll be OK until Friday.
It's not super easy to draw on @Snapchat, but I'm pretty proud of the dumb thing I just posted. Username: chrishardwick #WhyNotZoidberg
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#BAND RT @wilw: You know, there's so much awful happening right now, we could all use a little awesome. Here ya go:
So many memories.....I want my podcast to generate this amount of awesome!!…
I've been haunted by this since the TV show Being Human....…
‘Talking Dead’ Plays Role Of ‘Walking Dead’s’ Cheerful Cheerleader (SPOILERS)
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Yes! I can't like/love/fuck CH's response hard enough! 💜❤️🦄�…A2n
Now I am! 💜❤️ RT@chrisdeliaa: You guys ready for@TheWalkingDeadd tonight because I am.#TheWalkingDeadd6
“The next time you hear me attacked as a socialist—like tomorrow—remember this: I don’t believe...”
My new WoW character! Yes it's an undead mage based on @hardwick. He likes playing mages and hosts Talking Dead :)
I liked a @YouTube video 5 Things People With Mental Illness Won’t Tell You | Psych2Go Ft. Daria Azizian
I'll be representing the best of me tonight (That Ram Band, Nerdist, Tau Bata Sigma and DiHard) what time is it? GAME TIME! 😎🎷
A year ago I told #Petrichor I loved him. It totally didn't matter. #BandConcert
Stuffed animals as an adult are for people who like taxidermy but was the facade of being normal.
I just bought front row seats for @hardwick Funcomfortable taping?!? In other news I have less than front row seats for sale.
I wish there was another @OfficialHIMYM Slapsgiving!!!! #sad
None of the Paris attackers identified so far have been Syrian refugees.
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It's the episode of Charmed with DARYL!!!! #WalkingDead
If you're going to donate, please donate to my favorite charity It's nerdier! Thanks!…
March- Now has officially been the worst year of my life.
3. User receives a video of the refugee waving, saying “Thank you”, while putting on the coat. Free delivery.
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2. Use case scenario: A. User sees pic of refugee. B. User touches pic of “feather coat” for $45 or “food basket” for $25. 24 hours later..
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1. Trial run 24hr delivery service for Refugees in Lebanon starts next week @ #refugeeswelcome #refugeecrisis
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I'm on one of my favorite podcasts with one of my favorite comedians (@peteholmes) today!
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.@hardwick that's a fantastic idea! But I'm going with @CPCharity because I always do and it feels more appropriate!
Finally something for the aspiring cat ladies all over the world… cc @midnight @nerdist
Any suggestions for a topic this week's podcast other than I'm really sad and hopeless about life? ('Tis the season!!)
"I have a name, asshole." -Jessie's girl
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If pain means growth then my talents should be the size of the universe.
I really think it should be legal to slap someone who tells you "your life is perfect, why should you be sad? You need to live in the now!"
Today is a great day to start listening @SlateGist. Fantastic @pescami take on the Paris attacks.…
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Don't you hate it when you feel like the biggest fucking asshole on the planet? Well stop it. It's my turn this week. Don't be greedy!
I hope things get better because it's so tiresome wearing the "everything's ok" facade.
MIRA HAS WINTER BEARD. Ok. This picture is also cool. #Squeeee RT @MattMira: BFF

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