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-Di.☯ DiHardPodcast
Do you think Nerdist and all things Nerdist are a positive influence on the next generation of nerds? #thoughtfortheday
I'm on Ello (I still have an invite if interested)
Can a hipster reference a band so obscure even HE hasn't heard of it?
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I never want to be a part of any group that says "love it or leave it" which is why I hate when comedians use that as a defense.
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I don't believe he has the intestinal fortitude to do this. If he for REALZ, I'll get a Nerdist ...
URI FIRST DOWN! #thatramband
So many bands!!!?!?!
Getting ready for Game #2 #thatramband
I'd like to think that marching band is giving me skills for stand up and improv. It's raining but we'll still preform.
Happy Caturday :) how is is every one?
Cocktober #WorseThanRocktober (it's actually all about. Roosters) @midnight @nerdist
I'm watching Gotham, I should be watching the Walking Dead.
Oh @midnight #3 should have won. Then again I adore call backs more than I love puns.
Sometimes @midnight makes me feel sad. Some people are trying to be creative...they fail but should we make fun? I dunno,
It's here! It's finally here! The Nerdist merch store is officially up and running:
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My improv classes make me think that everyone can be and often are funny but only the truly deranged try to make a living out of it.
I just used… to record a test with @2nerds_1podcast It came out pretty good!!
When I grow I want to be as laser as @WGladstone :)
#laser RT @WGladstone: What did one mushroom say to the other mushroom? Nothing silly, mushrooms don't ...
Remember that time @smosier and I were a cartoon? @FEaB_Podcast classic “Ice Cream Social” -…
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Sorry in advance to all my friends. But I just downloaded Popkey and adding gifs to texts are far too easy.
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To quote@midnight and @nerdist 'POINTS!!' To @sinKEVitch for fixing the horrible Superman/Wonder Woman T-shirt!
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I'm deeply amused by the fact that you can say "I got your X right here" and everyone exactly what that means.
It's official. I could spend $200 in the @nerdist store. Ok, I will, else CH might starve!…
English Folksong pops up on random and I got all "I miss the 90's" The 80's can go suck a bag of dicks. #Feels
"Pass me the bat, man." "Wait. What did you just say?" - How I assume Gotham will end
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.@WGladstone deconstructs the over-the-top coverage of that "swastika found on McDonald's bun" story:…
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What? A @JamesBondingPOD and @FEaB_Podcast in the same week? Thank you yes!
I think of my voice on the same level as my snot. :) I've learned to tolerate it But not my snot. ...
I love this! RT @MattMira: Remember that time @smosier and I were a cartoon? @FEaB_Podcast classic ...
Im no desperate! I'm passionate. UG. I feel so shitty about the last 3 years of my life.
I'm almost small enough to shop for clothes where normal people shop!
I love podcasting. I just feel that I haven't been able to make it have substance. I struggle to let me out. If that makes sense.
The last episode of @nerdist is making me uncomfortable. But I'm a Podcaster and he is. Is it too late? #PodcastPussy
I love how @peteholmes said that science and philosophy are dance partners. My degrees are in science and philosophy! Someone gets me!