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To whom does this pair of underwear belong? 😉#FantasticFivee#CommerciallV
This little guy made it through MA only to get killed in Phillie. CC @midnight…
Ok. Ant Man was a fun movie!! :)
Season 1 of Frasier finished. Looking forward to @TalkSaladPod episodes!!
There are lots of nerds who like sports. This actually makes sense.…
Cineplex to show Dark Water/Death in Heaven in Canada on Sep. 16 & 20.
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UPDATE: Dave Grohl has recorded a response to the amazing video by Italian @foofighters fans:
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Last week in Germany renewables briefly provided a record breaking 78% of the country's electricity. #ClimateAction
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Woman Quickly Cycles Through Non-Threatening Voice Inflections Before Expressing Concern
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@nerdist his vocals and guitar are out of this world on this, he's very underrated
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I liked a @YouTube video Fleetwood Mac ~ Go Your Own Way
The whole album and the story behind it is amazing!…
The 1000 musicians of @rockin_1000 played @foofighters' "Learn To Fly" at the same time so the band comes to Italy:
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I liked a @YouTube video Psych Ward Visit - Storytime ft Maria Bamford
Good news @TheAMCWalking fans! FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Gets 15-Episode Season 2 Order #FearTheTalkingDead…
It is an obscenity that we stigmatize so many young Americans with a criminal record for smoking marijuana...
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i bet the first week of a life sentence criminals have to decide if they're a "stay" guy or more of an "escape" guy.
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This is very sad! :-( I'll miss you guys. I hope you guys release podcasts every once in a while.…
#GotDumpedBecause When she asked if she looks fat in her new jeans, I said, "Define 'fat'" @midnight
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I know Patriot haters are loving this but Goodell could do this to YOUR team too #EatABagOfDicksGoodell…
#GotDumpedBecause "apparently" knives aren't "appropriate" for use during vigorous foreplay @midnight
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How to be a Writer. 1. Stare out of window at rain. 2. Experience a certain lassitude. 3. Contemplate the infinite. 4. Settle for toast.
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not one character on the show Friends had a job that was a joke, was broke, or had a love life that was DOA.
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"Fuck me, what just happened? I only popped in for a filling!"
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sign up for a blu-ray now before there's only rare, overpriced copies on ebay from basement dwellers with wet hands…
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#BeforeIDie tell #Petrichor that I love him. Maybe take over the world and give it to Pinky and the Brain. They really wanted to so badly!
Holy Cats! @timminchin is on #YMIW with @peteholmes!!!!!!!!! That squee you just heard was mine! #SQUEEEEEEEEE <3<3
I really love @SlateGist 💜❤️. Every episode makes me so happy and a bit smarter!@pescamii is the most amazing person on the planet!
7 Crazy and Wild selfies with wildlife animals See here: .
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To cultivate genuine compassion we need to take responsibility for our own care and have concern for everyone's suffering, including our own
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The smell of #Petrichor means that rain will be here soon. I welcome the rain. #toohot
Pandora is always silently judging you:
The more I see this, the more I want it but I'm not paying this kind of cash.…
Because if you still use AOL you are old enough for AARP

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