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Diana Danielle
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Inilah Malaysia. Bersama-sama n bersatu walaupun berbeza kaum dan agama. Kami berkabung untuk #MH17 @HishammuddinH2O
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your journey was long delayed, but you come home at last to rest.✈️MH17" #MH17 #RememberingMH17 #MalaysiaBerkabung
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just seeing this picture enough to make me burst into tears. al-fatihah. #MH17
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This has to be THE photo of the year (uh, stolen from Dalai Lama Facebook Page)
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How about we send prayers for the 3 Bangladeshi workers that were killed by the falling MRT construction in Kota Damansara as well.
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Science points to the single most valuable personality trait
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MH17. The day to remember and mourn for all Malaysians... Al-Fatihah, to the Muslim victims. My heart and sympathies go out to all the victims and their families. An end unprecedented, an incredibly big loss for everyone. #Justice #Mercy #Humankind
My turn 😎😋 #pettingzoo
Alright, I got this. Nobody panic. It's just a furball.
Muhammad leaning comfortably on miss turtle.
@muhammadfkdd very amused 😍
With @muhammadfkdd and his nanny Mariam, I had to pull Muhammad back bc he was trying to pull on the turtle's head... She's 31 years old btw. And the biggest of turtles. They can live up to 150 years old. Girrrl, you gat a lawng way ta go!
Visited the petting zoo with munchkin @muhammadfkdd. It was soooo much fun I can't wait to go there again 😛
Thank you for coming, @DianaDanielleB to our humble @WawanKun Open House. And thank you to all who…
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Harith and his wife Jasmine moved me to tears when they so romantically "renewed their vows" infront of us at the Zurich Insurance media launch. The theme today is all about LOVE and what we would do to protect those whom we truly love. Harith as usual always the funniest guy in the room. Im a big f
Tomorrow - Malaysia’s national Day of Mourning/Hari Berkabung. #JusticeForMH17 #220814
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I'm baaaaack!!! Smile! 👻
Getting smarter by the day
Zurich Insurance media launch today, I had Jijie do my makeup & hair. Thank you love 💝