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Diana Danielle
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Laura datang kerja dgn kami. Tengok apa jadi..
After lunch, baring dulu sebelum sambung shoot #Talak. Bestnya kalau dapat lelap jap... But nope.…
LipIce Tinted Lipbalm. Just the right touch of sweetness 😘
Fareeda look number 2. "Into the Blue" 😉
Touch and play with a golden retriever in Central Park Avenue, Damansara #IWantToTouchADog
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😍@afiqdzulkiflii: Cerita tadi. It was a great experience. No worries I cleaned myself after"
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It was a great opportunity for Muslims that fears dogs. It's something tht we don't usually do. Kudos to Syed Azmi �#iwanttotouchadogg
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Dogs deserve as much love and attention 😙 (jgn risau, cleaned myself after ✌)
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This morning I attended by far my favourite event of the year - #IWantToTouchADog. Organised by a…
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Lots of excitement from both the people and the dogs at #IWantToTouchADog earlier today:
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i hope lepas event #IWantToTouchADog, akan kurang dog-o-phobia & more awareness abt being responsible dog owners, pulak.
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Fareeda's new collection. I love this classic black design 🌺
Wearing Fareeda today for Yasmin in #Talak Thank you Miss Rose & husband fizoomar
In the end... by alishaa.xo "Cruel world -_-"
Salam all.. Morning.... I’ve put all my favourite Love Tweaks to test! All with the help of my trusty…
Saya tidak lagi gementar dengan sinaran cahaya matahari selepas dilindungi oleh L'Oreal Paris White…
Rindukan @MuhammadFkDd. Ibu dulu selalu nyanyikan lagu ni masa dia baby dulu. 😁 Kepada org kelate,…
Kesian abg director kita. Tengah lelapkan mata, saya pun cubalah ambik gambar... Sekali terbeliaq mata…
Eh eh ehhh cik siti wan kembang ada laa
reenrahim as Rina in #Talak She's a talented soul ❤
I've watched the movie but haven't read the book. Read a few pages and now i'm hooked! 😄
#Talak by Creative Skill Yasmin is in her stewardess outfit, and added a few more layers of my…
#Talak by Creative Skill - day 1 Simple makeup done with a touch of LipIce Tinted Lipbalm for a…
Get a copy of NONA magazine, in stores now 💋
Merindukan seseorang adlh misi hati utk mengingatkan minda tentang cinta. Masa itu CINTA. #SolviletTitusRaikanCinta
Still book-struck. I'm in awe. I'm flabbergasted. Whoever you are mister, you're awesome!
Filming for Zurich Insurance and this person's house that we shot in has literally more books than a…
Surely one of the best groufies 💋 by@benjernn "Look! We made a starrrrrr in the jungle �
Happy evening everyone! To all our animal lovers, Love Luxuria Dolphin shirt is available in SBU Shah…
Overcome, there is always a way.
r u from korea as well? bekos ur pikap line is busan u know RT @elenyputri: Are u from Korea? Because you could be my Seoul mate @azzatk
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