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Diana Danielle
This Saturday, Harith Iskandar is about to reveal his favorite Love Tweak from Zurich's Love Tweak Contest. It's surely going to be a hillarious one! Stay tuned to Zurich Malaysia's Page for more info and find out how you can take part in this contest to win RM3,000. :)
Time to get an electric car.
See how a Siberian lake has almost disappeared
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Taliban suicide bombers kill 7 in Kabul, wound 21
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Flash flood reported at major KL CBD areas. These has affected the Go KL operation. Expect delays and heavy traffic congestion.
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This! "@SabrinaMusfirah Well,I am not surprised that KL is hit by a flash flood.Development does not mean building more sky scrapers&malls."
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Hi girls, ingin menjadi cover girl bersama @DianaDanielleB di dalam #majalahremaja ? DI SINI ADA CARANYA -->…
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Time and again she did.
1st phase of house cleaning is done. But there's still a long way to go. Productive day though. ✌
Kate Middleton and Prince William wants to name their future daughter "Diana". I feel special. Eh, tetiba. πŸ˜‹
Yes! WE will see you at the KL Calling market happening on the 11th and 12th of October! Don't miss out on the dates... Gaji pun dah nak masuk kan? Simpan simpankan dulu sampai tengah bulan ni k πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰ It's not too late to join us dear vendors. Give a call to the number above & book your spot!
Now, my convenient all-in-1 fairness cream White Perfect Total 10 helps me look great with ease, giving me more time to enjoy my favourite things in life…esp with my family and friends! Its time you made the change too!
I love you dakcik πŸ’‹
Read my latest post about " Quieting a noisy mind" on Luxuria Beauty Blog - πŸ’‹β€βœŒ
Heyyy vendors! It's high time for you to rebut a spot at KL Calling market! Call now and book! πŸ‘ŒI'll be having my Luxuria Cosmetics & animal printed #LoveLuxuria shirts on 11th and 12th October. Siapa yg nak shopping, SAVE THE DATE @ tanda dalam phone calendar! Join the fun at KL Calling market οΏ½
Check out @benjern, @cowbear & @DianaDanielleB's FB Page to find out how u can be their partners in the #VCrossAdv reality web series!
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Received my invitation. Congratulations to the ever so talented Erin Malek for your upcoming wedding. I know it'll be a beautiful wedding πŸ’—
Repost from @sincerelybyushawls #sbushahalam - Free make over from Diana Danielle ! Come on over now pretty!...
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New blog post up Need to de-stress and clear your mind? Read Diana Danielle tips on how she...
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Thank you for lending your time for me today! I had so much fun doing the impromptu tutorial ❀✌ by @luxuriacosmetics "Repost from @sincerelybyushawls #sbushahalam - Free make over from @dianadanielleb ! Come on over now pretty! #sincerelybyusboutique @luxuriacosmetics" via @PhotoRepost_app
New blog post up! If you have a very LOUD mind like I do, then this article is worth reading. Lots of love from the Luxuria Team ❀ @luxuriacosmetics
Our Luxuria Cosmetics counter got a little facelift today! Mirror and pictures are up, our products restocked (except lipsticks, which will take some time SORRY!) Come over to SBU Shah Alam to experience the glamour! @sincerelybyushawls @sincerelybyushawls @sincerelybyushawls @luxuriacosmetics To
Yeayy dapat bergambar dgn @DianaDanielleB 😘 hehe nice to meet you ! @ SincerelyByUs Boutique, Alam…
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Pergi sincerelybyushawls nak carik barang. Tapi dpt join make-up session with @DianaDanielleB . Thank…
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Want to know more about @DianaDanielleB? Come on over to SBU Shah Alam First Floor and meet…
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Mom and son enjoying our green juice ✌
My green juice today consists of blueberries, strawberries, an orange, celery, spinach and chia seeds.…
My green juice today consists of blueberries, strawberries, an orange, celery, spinach and chia seeds. ❀✌ One word, YUM.
by @arnisjuliana "Izz with @muhammadfkdd ❀️ #school #kizsports" via @PhotoRepost_app
Yes! thank you πŸ˜„by @arnisjuliana "Bubbles time. πŸ‘ #muhammadizzulhaq" via @PhotoRepost_app
This is what Gallium looks like. It is a metal that melts in your hand!
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I'll be bringing in @luxuriacosmetics and my homemade scrubs to the KL Calling bazaar! πŸ’‹ They will see you there next weekend!
Smells so good you can eat it! (But dont! It's a scrub!) Sea salt scrub with added Peppermint and sweet Lola fragrance is perfect to kickstart your morning. It awakens your senses so you will feel more awake even before having a cup of coffee! Homemade, only the best! RM35 a jar. We post nationwi
Wow! Agent Love is a genius! Check out his Love Tweaks and find out how you can win RM3,000 by submitting your own Love Tweak. Visit Zurich's Facebook Page for more info and updates.
Chiropractor visit today hoping to relieve my sore back ✌
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
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Sedikit sedutan dari petang tadi. Relax sungguh cik abg 😁✌
Someone finally got a haircut today! Nampak tak senyuman lebar tu? Kalau dulu nampak gunting je dah meleleh air mata.. Sekarang my sayang dah boleh duduk dengan relax, sambil tengok reflection sendiri kat cermin kenyit kenyit mata πŸ˜‚ I'm very happy to see you so calm babykins @muhammadfkdd We're m
Pamper your skin to my homemade Ice Cream Candy Body Salt Scrub and find yourself feeling rejuvenated and refreshed! Your skin will love you for it. It smells so good you'll definitely want more! You can get them at SBU Shah Alam @sincerelybyushawls and you can specially order by phone at +60166649
Ice Cream Candy Body Salt Scrub is available now 1st floor in SBU Shah Alam! Peppermint is good to relieve stress, aid in digestion and clear congestion. The salt scrub helps to flake off dead cells from the skin and give you smoother, brighter skin. The ice cream candy flavour will make you come
❀ Rindu that's all πŸ‘» by @faridkamilz "The Last Samurai... #film #faridkamil #uitm #action"
Love it! ✌by @ehmalaysia "EH! OCT 14 is out! Istimewa ulang tahun ke-15. #eh15 #ehmalaysia #magazine Cover 2- @dianadanielleb @iamlisasurihani @tizzaqyah @awalashaari @dayangsayangkamu" via @PhotoRepost_app
Yeay! I'm so happy to announce that my Ice Cream Salt Scrub is in SBU Shah Alam right next to our Luxuria Counter! This Ice Cream Salt Scrub smells of deliciously sweet candy & peppermint. Peppermint is used for it's stress relieving and invigorating properties. It also helps with digestion and cle
Dropping by SBU Shah Alam now. Who's there? 😘😘😘 @sincerelybyushawls @luxuriacosmetics