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Diablo Cody
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If I was on the Disney Channel, and I had fans, I would want them to call themselves Diablovatics.
Question: if a person goes to Ikea alone do they think about breaking up w themselves on the ride home?
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There needs to be a term for when your entire sexuality is defined by the video for Fiona Apple's "Criminal."
My child just complained that his strawberries aren't hulled, like I'm IHOP or something.
I can't accept that Leonardo DiCaprio attended a pool party thrown by McDonald's.
I automatically love any celeb whose year of birth is "disputed" on Wikipedia.
I just heard myself utter the phrase, "Marcello, never romp naked around a hot pan of shrimp."
"Mad question-asking" is the cutest Biggie Smalls lyric.
Love #DavidLetterman. He put me on his show in 2006 when I was still living in MN. He roots for weirdos. Forever grateful.
Seriously, I am really excited to work with Merylegend and Demme-God! cc: @billyeichner
What if TriStar & Meryl were just fucking with me for April Fool's?…
That was a weird one.
Me: "Do you like these new sandals?" Dan: (pause) "Well, not everything has to be sexy."
I'm such a Shailene, you guys.
If Sofia's doing "The Little Mermaid," I call dibs on that VHS rip-off version they always had at the grocery store.
Love this-- it's like the Mensa version of Publisher's Clearinghouse.…
I wish the "NAILED IT" meme had existed in 1995 when everyone was getting really bad versions of the Rachel haircut.
Looking at pics of Jemima Kirke's life on @vulture made me feel like a dorky suburban toaster waffle.
Treaty of Breast-Litovsk #erotichistory
TRUE STORY: we were at a party recently and someone goes "Benny Medina is here," and my husband says "is that the chick from Frozen?"