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Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix) by Bassnectar via #soundcloud…
Time to release the teaser for the #TomorrowWorld official 2013 Anthem. Ocarina – By @dimitrivegas and @likemike.
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Bombing Rooftops With Zeds Dead | Thump… via @thumpthump
Don't think of it as a blow job, think of it as a blow favor.
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Joris Voorn's Techno Optimism | Thump… via @thumpthump
She got mad curves.
Check out this cool page for Ultra Music Festival
Have you heard ‘Dat A$$ Dubby.’ by dgmogz on #SoundCloud?…
Damn, thats pretty nuts.
Have you heard ‘FUNERAL X FAZE’ by Bounequou Fitzroi on #SoundCloud?…
Have you heard ‘DEE x RAHEAVEN - JAM’ by DeeFaisal on #SoundCloud?…
If you cant see the blatant thruth your logic and reasoning is non-existent. If you dont give a fuck, well ur normal...
I was fucken framed.(period) Just as they whisper what to say, they whispered actions into me.
i dont have tumblr bcus that shit gives u low self-esteem
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I have a new home page here - check me out!
It was yet another one of those nights, wastefull afternoons confined to the car, with no where to go, but sit and tell me why.She confessed
She confessed, her true intention, her desire to destroy ones life, she shared her accomplice's identity
and non-chalantly told me to not fear. But in her half smirk and easy eyes I knew that it was I who'd fallen victim, the fallen femme
with no regrets, w/o fear coldly penetrated a side of me, that could easily crumble my feeble mind.
She won, many battles but, over looked the means to really spoil the war.
Bitches be all "die nigga" and im like DAMN.
if u don't like pizza, ur irrelevant :/
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Have you heard ‘Society - All That We've Become’ by §OCI€TY on #SoundCloud?…
Cemented and "minted" :) best wishes to you and ur kin. Ill be doing my job. :) lates.
Idk..but I do know, I wouldnt want to come back to the one that left me over and over as I struggled to get basic shit done..BASIC. peace.
Havent slept only thirsty, spent last night in tj, smoking marijuana all the way to the madrugada.
Wish it was me giving you that nasty nut.
#worstpickuplines I'm not an astronaut, but my next mission is Uranus.
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#worstpickuplines Your parents must be retarded, cause they made something special.
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wheres the thick girls at, big bro? tab muy chikitas por estos rumbos.
lookign for twitters dat be 25+yrs hahahaha.
FUck im just bored, twittah can bring some gigglez.
@dgmogz note 2 u: need selfies on twitter
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I don't share celebrity sex tapes. So don't panic when you see @Alyssa_Milano. (via @Upworthy)…