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Phil Derrico™
I get criticized for everything I do lol
Cool fuck you both
I swear people are grubby af.. Someone robbed my jar of quarters lmao you that desperate ?
I miss old odd future shit brings back memories
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Alright I'm done ranting for the day.
Money is nice but honestly I do it for the people and I do it for the love I could careless about million dollar checks
I ain't signing no 3 year contract so you can have full control of my creativity then if I don't do what you want I got in debt. Fuck that
I swear record labels piss me off
People say you need connections in the game.. But why not just be the connection and quit relying on other people for your success
I don't need anybody because all I got is me and that's all I need👍
Oh wait you can't 😳😶😂
You wanna criticize my work ethic? Let me know when you can invest in a home studio and learn how to mix and master tracks on your own
@jippy_jay: I lose friends like socks and then wonder where all of you went” I never left bro lol
@TrapDrugs: I’ve become so distant from everyone I’ve known”
LMAOOOOO RT @SouthsideVic: When ppl u reported as spam try to mention u""
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After me they'll only be wannabe's but most def never gonnabe's
@FriendlyAssh0le: a real friend doesn't fuck with your enemies.. remember that..”
Don't fuck with my money 💸 Don't fuck with bae 👊 Don't fuck with my wifi 😡
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@KingOfCali_: People always hate on someone when they want what they have and can't get it.”