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Delia Enriquez
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Hey Yankees, if you keep playing like this, you're going to be on the couch in October. But hey, most of you don't seem to care.
That play by Brett Gardner was eerily similar to the Derek Jeter play where Jeter flew into the stands.This season has been scary.
When Gardner just flew into the stands, I was mortified. I'm just glad he's not hurt.
Oh my god, Brett Gardner! Thank god he's okay!
I think I can speak for everyone when I say...the Yankees are pathetic.
@dfiregirl4 Stephen Drew, how do you do. He served a brewski to the right field seats.
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Does anyone have a John Sterling HR call for Stephen Drew?
Now on @BxBaseballDaily: Beltran scratched from lineup with sore elbow…
Lineup vs. Astros: Gardner 7, Jeter DH, Ellsbury 8, Teixeira 3, McCann 2, Headley 5, Drew 6, Prado 4, Suzuki 9, Pineda 1
Good news: Tanaka threw a bullpen, all was well. Bad news: Beltran's elbow's bugging him...again.
Having the artists pay $$ to the @nfl to play at the Halftime Show is dumb. I want @coldplay to perform but not if they have to pay.
Now on @BxBaseballDaily: What would ‘The Boss’ think of the 2014 Yankees?…
Now on @BxBaseballDaily: Catastrophic ninth sends Yankees to 7-4 loss vs. Astros…
Honestly, they haven't been the same since The Boss died. RT@ybeer85 Why do the Yankees suck this year?
I won't lie: it feels like I'm married to the Yankees and we're going through a rough patch. But tomorrow's a new day.
What I don't understand is how fans could think the players aren't going to have bad games. They're people like us. It happens.
I forgot. Mariano Rivera's a Baseball God. :) RT@RyanORourkeMLB Hold on, Mariano isn't Human.
I understand the Yankees fans frustration with this team, but taking it out on D-Rob is not fair. He's been very effective for the most part
Even Mariano Rivera had his clunker games. It comes with being HUMAN.
Are Yankees fans at the stadium booing D-Rob right now? I'm sorry, how about you come on the mound and pitch and do better than D-Rob?
Well...D-Rob had been so good of late, he was bound to have a hiccup game.
News 12 Westchester just showed a Robinson Cano highlight while talking about Yankee Stadium's new metal detectors. Makes sense.
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Yankee Stadium is adding metal detectors to beef up security. Then they continued selling beer and baseball bats to New Yorkers. #fallonmono
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I know I'm not 14 years or younger, but I want a Yankees Hello Kitty Bobblehead.