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Delia Enriquez
Gardner gave a 'state of the Yankees' address yesterday and it's so much to write in 140 characters, I wrote it here.…
Thank you Brett Gardner for being brutally honest about the Yankees season. At least someone had the guts to say it.
All hail Chris Young! All hail Chris Young!
And you're right, congrats! RT@eboland11 Jeter ceremony starting. The main gift is covered by a black cloth. Looks like it could be a kayak
So apparently Masahiro Tanaka is starting for the Yankees on Sunday. I'm not sure if it's a good idea.
Lineup vs. Rays: Ellsbury 8, Jeter 6, Gardner 7, McCann 3, Headley 5, Young DH, Ichiro 9, Cervelli 2, Ryan 4, Pineda 1
Great news. Prado could have died if it did so it's great he's okay. RT@DavidWaldstein Girardi said the appendix did not burst.
Martin Prado apparently played with stomach pain yesterday. And he had a few base-hits. Respect but hope he's better soon.
Mark Teixeira has a sore wrist again. I swear, he's like a China Doll; nice to look at but they break easily.
#Yankees announce next 5 probable starters, & Tanaka isn't included: McCarthy, Greene, Kuroda, Capuano, Pineda.
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Per #Rays pre-game schedule, looks like Jeter ceremony will start around 7
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One question though: There's only approximately 12 games left in the season...why not put Prado on the 15 if he can't come back?
Yankees have put Martin Prado on the 60-day DL and have called up Jose Pirela.
Now on @BxBaseballDaily: Martin Prado’s done for 2014 after undergoing emergency appendectomy…
Bad news: Martin Prado was rushed to the hospital to have an appendectomy. Worse news: He's out for the rest of the year.
Now on @BxBaseballDaily: Brett Gardner gives “end-of-the-season” address…
Oh, I forgot to mention this last night: Yankees were officially eliminated from the AL East division. Only a matter of time b4 Wild Card.
I've never been so disappointed in the Yankees before, but I'm terribly disappointed this season. Extremely disappointed.
Chase Headley did nothing disrespectful to Marty Foster. Foster ejected him because he wanted to show Headley who had more power.
Chase Headley just got ejected? For what? What did he do? Umpires feel entitled to abuse their power.
#Phillies RHP Jonathan Papelbon suspended 7 games and fined for his actions during Sunday’s game.
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An error on Gardner when Jacoby was the one that bumped into him and ruined his catch? Whatever.
I like Al Leiter's smiley face glove. It has character. :)
Lineup vs. Rays: Ellsbury 8, Gardner 7, Prado 4, Teixeira 3, Beltran DH, Headley 5, Ichiro 9, Murphy 2, Ryan 6, Capuano 1
Yankee slumps: Jeter 0-24, Teixeira 2-24, Beltran 4-32, Drew 3-39.
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Lots of things will change next season, but this won't: John and Suzyn will most likely be back at WFAN.
Tanaka done after 65 pitches/5 IP in simulated game against instructional League hitters: no runs, six hits, 4 K's. .
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Now on @BxBaseballDaily: Some thoughts going into the Rays/Yankees series…
Carlos Beltran selected as one of six finalists for the Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award.
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I just can't comprehend putting a pitcher in that position when they've done an overwhelming workload. That was thoughtless and dangerous.
WTH made Joe Girardi think sending David Robertson, who threw 46 pitches in two days and complained of soreness was a good idea?
Dear Yankees, I hate your guts right now.
Can he hit them?! YES HE MCCANN!!! Yankees lead 2-1!
Beltran, a .444 hitter vs. Andrew Miller, on deck
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I'd rather listen "Cotton Eyed Joe" on an endless loop. RT@eboland11 soooooo, how's everyone enjoying tonight's ESPN broadcast?
Stephen Drew has an hit....I must be dreaming. *punches self in arm really hard* Nope...I'm not dreaming...and I'm in pain.
So while I went to make coffee, The Prado of the Yankees took Tillman deep. Should I go take more coffee breaks?
ESPN failed to recognize despite the injuries to the rotation, the rotation has overachieved. No, it's always the bad. #Yankees #Orioles
I know the Yankees aren't playing well...but if I wanted to hear constant praise about the Orioles, I'd watch MASN.
We're off to a great start on ESPN...they're completely praising the Orioles and ignoring the Yankees as if they don't exist.
Only the Jets could lose the lead, throw a touchdown pass and have it negated because the OC called a TO. #GBvsNYJ
If I'm the Phillies, I'd be embarrassed FOR Jonathan Papelbon. There's no place in baseball for that.
Lineup vs. Orioles: Ellsbury 8, Jeter 6, Gardner 7, Prado 5, McCann 2, Teixeira 3, Young DH, Drew 4, Richardson 9, Kuroda 1
Now on @BxBaseballDaily: Yankees are feeling ‘Young’ with Chris Young on the roster…
Outgoing NYY SVP of baseball operations Mark Newman said he told Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner back in February he planned to retire.
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