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Delia Enriquez
Girardi said some of the Yankees were out of shape? It couldn't have been Ellsbury, Ichiro, Jeter or Gardner. #justsaying
MLB and the #RedSox used 27 bases in the game today. Everything authenticated and will be sold. #Jeter
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Now on @BxBaseballDaily: Tanaka, Yankees get crushed in 10-4 loss to Red Sox…
and a bench coach. Here's mine: GM - @BrianDanuffBBE Manager - @dfiregirl4 Batting - @TheEsquireof212 Pitching - @adakannayr (2/3)
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SInce the season's almost over, game time: draft a team via twitter as if you were an MLB owner. Pick GM, Manager, Bat/Pitch coach, (1/?)
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Asked if he still plans to play Sunday, Jeter said: "Yup." So there you have it.
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Plan was for Jeter to take two at-bats today. Nothing physical to prohibit him from playing Sunday. Girardi will leave it to Jeter.
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Remember how I said there was nothing wrong with Tanaka's arm, that it was just rust and command? Joe Girardi agrees.
One game left in Derek Jeter's entire career. #RE2PECT
Now on @BxBaseballDaily: Girardi rips players before Derek Jeter’s last Yankees Stadium game…
Say all you want about Joe Girardi, but in all 7 seasons he's been here, Yankees have a "winning" record (record over .500).
Yankees trail 9-0? Derek Jeter's out as the DH. Your new DH is Francisco Cervelli.
I saw desire from one, two players this year. RT@ESPNNYYankees Sources: Girardi ripped Yanks for lack of desire
If I had to diagnose Tanaka right now based off this's rust. I don't think it's anything to do with his elbow.
I'm not a doctor, I just play one on Twitter...but with pretty much every Yankee injury this season, I've diagnosed it spot on.
I think the moment that the Fox cameras spent 30 seconds on the dugout bathroom door after jeter went in was when we went too far.
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If this game meant something, I'd be fired up. But since it means nothing...oh well.
I was only gone for five did 2-0 Red Sox turn into 8-0 Red the second inning?!
Cashman said today that ARod passed his insurance physical. This may be logic leap, but assume that means Yanks NOT getting out of contract.
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Brandon McCarthy told Brendan Kuty that it's "harder to find a better fit" than the Yankees. Someone on the Yanks BETTER make him an offer.
The respect the Red Sox fans showed Derek Jeter was so beautiful and heartwarming. Thanks for being classy, Boston! #Yankees
Derek Jeter comes to the plate and everyone at Fenway Park is applauding. Only fans to really boo Jeter were the fans at Camden Yards.
The Yankees had talks with ARod about whether he would be interested in playing winter ball to prep for season; ARod was not interested.
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#Yankees initial report was helmet absorbed some of blow, Jagielo going for concussion tests. Eyewitness says ball partially hit face
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#RedSox had permission from #Yankees and family to use Bob Sheppard intro for Jeter at Fenway this weekend. But Jeter asked them not to.
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RT@Joelsherman1 Heard #yankees '13 1st pick Eric Jagielo was hit in face by 87 mph fastball at Instructional Lge.
"Today's Yankees game is on FOX?! YAY!" -- said no one ever.
Ichiro, Jeter, McCann, Headley, Tanaka.....that's all that's important in the lineup at this point.
Ichiro was the only player to play at Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter's final game. Brett Gardner was their guess but he was hurt for Mo's.
Chris Capuano's scouting report: "Wanted to be an astronaut, is a Patriots fan and his third grade teacher thought he was the nicest kid."
Girardi's plan was to take Kuroda during the ninth inning so he could get an ovation. Kuroda declined and said yesterday was all about Jeter
Everyone who has followed me knows I have a tendency to be humorous. This was how I really felt about Harvey:…
My tweet they used in this article was taken out of context. I had no issues with Harvey being at the stadium.…
Derek Jeter to appear The Tonight Show w/ @jimmyfallon on Oct. 2. Man, I hope they do Derek Jeter's Taco Hole song w/ classroom instruments.
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Today's 'What The Heck' moment was brought to you by...Joe Girardi's lineup he's sending out against the Red Sox. Is this Spring Training?!
Lineup vs. Red Sox: Pirela 4, Perez 8, Cervelli 3, Young 7, Murphy 2, Romine DH, Ryan 6, Wheeler 5, Richardson 9 Capuano 1
You did your job. You were the set-up man, Jeter closed it. RT@DRob30 Yes y'all, it went exactly as I planned ;) #farewellcaptain #re2pect
David Ortiz unlikely to play in the #RedSox final 3 games vs the #Yankees
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Now on @BxBaseballDaily: Derek Jeter’s final Yankee Stadium game most-watched game on YES…
No surprise, last night's game was the most-watched game ever on YES. Peaked at 1.99 million viewers between 10:15 and 10:30.
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ICYMI on @BxBaseballDaily: Derek Jeter has Hollywood ending to Yankee Stadium career…
Goodbye Derek Jeter and thank you. #RE2PECT #DerekJeter
Thanks @Rickinator555 and @YGYRadioShow for having me on their radio show tonight. It was emotional as we looked back on Derek Jeter. :)
Tune into @YGYRadioShow in four minutes where I'll talk Derek Jeter with @Rickinator555. I'll try not to cry.
Derek Jeter said this Farewell Tour has been like he's been watching his own funeral.
"I don't know what to tell you. Write what you want, throw my name at the bottom of it." - Derek Jeter