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Devonte Riley
If you don't want to live a normal life, you cannot have normal dreams, thoughts or plans.
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Kids complaining about back to school, But you have summer, fall, thanksgiving, christmas, winter & spring break year round. Huh LOL!? 😂—DR.
Freshmen are gonna be pulling up at school tomorrow like
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When people on your TL have school tomorrow and you're just sitting here like....
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I'm so excited about what people are about to experience musically from my colleagues & I .... there's an amazing energy here in LA.
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Photo: It ain’t what they call you, it’s what YOU answer to. 😉😎✨💯 —
It ain't what they call you, it's what YOU answer to. 😉😎✨💯 #Selfie —DR.
Photo: Too legit for bull 💩😜😂 —
Too legit for bull 💩😜😂 #Selfie —DR.
@Devonte_Riley man thank you...that's much appreciated. If would dope to colab,
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Photo: Thank you @BSladeNow for your follow back, tweets & love!!! 💯😎✨🙊 I’m telling you guys, Dude is a
Thank you @bsladenow for your follow back, tweets & love!!! 💯😎✨🙊 I'm telling you guys, Dude is a mad genius! You guys better follow up on this one right here! DON'T SLEEP! 🚫💤 I've got my eye on you Slade! 👀 You're the future! 🙌😄 #producer #music #dance #newjackswing #beats #instrumentals #bs
let's go ..... long live the New Jack Swing cuz it's happening.…
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Everyone have a great work week. Get yo MONEY!!
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I swear on everything when u have a house full of up is pointless.
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"And the moral of the story is.... you can't keep a good man down."---😎
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New episode tomorrow #FlexAndShanice on @OWNTV at 10/9c.. Thank you all for your support.. We couldn't do it without you❤️
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Goodnight you guys😴, hope everyone has a good night!😌 Rest easy and just know tomorrow is a new day, stay positive!😄
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So everybody is hyping up this feud. I bet this is the highlight of the year. I haven't seen this much drama since '96. #Pac & #BIG 💯😑 —DR.
Is it weird that I find myself checking @SkyeTownsend's page like my texts every 5 mins? Shouldn't be so precise all the d*mn time! 😂 —DR.
Be Careful Who You Hurt, Not Everyone Is Replaceable.
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Pulled my sheets off the bed just now only to find a big huge spider underneath it. OMG! Can this season hurry up & end already?! 😫😖 —DR.
@Devonte_Riley lol. I am so miserable in this bloody wet English rain! I would really like some heat!
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I’m so miserable in this heat. You have no freaking idea. 😫 —DR.
Heeey Moniece!!! God bless, sister!!! @KalisWorld —DR.
Tisha Campbell Martin - "Steel Here" by Tisha Campbell Martin via #soundcloud… I love this!!! @TishaCampblMrtn —DR.
Somebody in my inbox keep pressuring me to join some group called "Motor Club of America"... Can anybody PLEASE...
R.I.P Bobbi Kristina Brown. Gone too soon. —DR.
R.I.P. Bobbi Kristina. I'm very shocked right now... My deepest thoughts & condolences goes out to The Brown Family. —DR.
Last Night w/ KEITH SWEAT! 🎶😊 @keithsweat #KeithSweat #Troop #After7 #Shai —DR.
Last Night w/ After 7! 🎶😊 #KeithSweat #Troop #After7 #Shai—DR.
Concert w/ Jon Jon Harreld Steven Russell Harts Reggie Warren #Troop #KeithSweat #After7 #Shai :D —DR.
Last Night w/ SHAI! 🎶😊 @rnbgroupshai #KeithSweat #Troop #After7 #Shai —DR.
Last Night w/ TROOP! 🎶😊 @jonjonoftroop @steveoftroop @reggieoftroop @trooprnb #KeithSweat #Troop #After7 #Shai—DR.
I posted 12 photos on Facebook in the album "Keith Sweat, Troop, After 7 and Shai Concert"

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