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Devonte Riley
I woke up to the rays of sunlight shinning in my face & now it's raining?! I don't believe this! Another ruined #Saturday in #Atlanta! 😒—DR.
It be raining out of no where in Atlanta.. The sun can be shining , sky blue as hell and it will still find some way to rain lol
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Atlanta weather so bipolar. It'll rain for 5 minutes then sun will come back out. Then thunder for 3 minutes and stop again.
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Here we go again! Messages on Facebook aren't even sending. WOW! Then the other night, Facebook was completely unaccessible! #WIGO? 😡😁🔫 —DR.
I think tonight's a #NetFlixNight! 🎬 🎥 😀 Got #PopCornor#MacBookook  &am#Sodaoda! Y'all can go clubbing tonite, This is My Frida#NetFlixlix —DR.
Hey sis @QTJAZZ!!! Hope all is well! #Blessings!!! :-) —DR.
Photo: Peace. LOVE. Color. —DR.
Today has been nothing but a chill day for me. Got my #MacBook, #Tumblr and some #Food. Life's pretty rocking at the moment! ;-) —DR.
I'd rather have 64GB's worth of space than to have your sorry a** number stored in my contacts… GOODBYE #FakeFriends! 👋👋👋😂😂😂😂✌ —DR.
Majority of the #'s in my phone are either family, colleagues & fake people that never even call, text or visit me!! 😂😂#Deletinging✌😆👋 —DR.
Just saw a kid slap his mama in Wal-Mart. 😂 LAWD, Children are becoming so violent these days! Parents#DisciplineBeforeDisasterr NOW!☝ —DR.
Hello @ticckle. I sent Sophie an email! You guys have been nothing but a great social media outlet! I love it! :-) —DR.
Good Morning World! ☺ Just sending out some love and peace!!! :-) Have a blessed one!!! ✨😄🙏 —DR.
A guess this is a sign of me needing to take my butt to bed!!! LOL! #FacebookDown. Can't even update my status! #Gnite! ;-) —DR.
Hey God Dad!!! @TeddyRiley1 Hope all is well!!! #Blessing! —DR.
My 2nd New 'LEAKED' Single titled "GONE" OUT NOW!!! From my FORTHCOMING EP "Restricted Limits" Check it out! :) —DR.
That nap was so refreshing. Now, Back to the piano so I can finish writing! —DR.
RiP to Casey Kasem! The voice actor of shaggy from Scooby Doo 😔
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I got child support and bail money set aside to compensate for my reckless behavior daily
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Is there a possibility we could start our very own "Verified" Badge? via @ticckle :-) —DR.