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IG: @Devonte_Riley
Photo: When will this #PoliceBrutality be put to an end!? 😔🙏 Lord, I pray! History just continues
When will this #PoliceBrutality be put to an end!? 😔🙏 Lord, I pray! History just continues to repeat! R.I.P Eric Garner #ICantBreathe #Racism #Protests #Riots #History —DR.
Surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.
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Early Black Friday Sale! Save 30% Off on Every #beats COUPON CODE: 30OFFBLACKFRIDAY
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I'm just speaking on what I see. Don't get offended .
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Wanna be more than a friend to you now .
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I'm so proud of you cuzzo @AntonKelley!!!♛👌😊✨ Many blessings, wishes, love & support!!! Can't wait to work with you soon#Inspirationon! —DR.
The lord is my shepherd I shall not want.
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Im Fair. With everybody . No Special privileges with People Period.
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#RT Never look down on someone, Unless you're helping them up! —DR.
Be sure to check out my song "Turn It Up" on @Vevo (The link is in my bio) available on iTunes…
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You can enjoy the stars on tv, but we must focus on the stars in the universe. #flexandshanice #unclespirit
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Photo: Enough Is Enough! St🚫p The#Hatee and Spread The#LL💓ve#Riotst#Racisms#PoliceBrutalityt#Proteststs… 🙏😞
Enough Is Enough! St🚫p The #Hate and Spread The L💓ve! #Riots #Racism #PoliceBrutality #Protests... 🙏😞 It's almost like history is repeating itself. #PrayForTheBetter | Follow Me On #Twitter @Devonte_Riley —DR.
#RT Enough's going on in this world today. It's almost like #History's repeating itself. #Riots, #PoliceBrutality & #Protests. I pray 🙏😔—DR.
The Ghetto Boys!!! My Mind is Playing Tricks On Me.... Heeeey Lol
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So the web camera on my #MacBook decides to stop working. Ohmygawrsh! I guess I'll have to be taking a trip back to the #AppleStore! 😖😭 —DR.
#RT Have A Great Day, Everyone! ☀️⛅️😄✨ —DR.
So glad I got caught up w/ my favorite Reality Stars on DVR! @Shaniceonline @FlexAforeal @IamRubasworld @UncleSpirit #FlexandShanice 😄✨📺—DR.
#RT I'm so happy for #JaggedEdge's return, Now I'm waiting on #OneTwelve's return! That would be even super! Man, I miss good #music. 😔 —DR.