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Devon ™
Sunday dive and surf
Saved this little guy while hitting with @danielle.lillian
"Moooodddyyy don't"...... Finally @Badmoods69 is back at it #stoutsnaps
Mom just said "You better not be doing anything weird with girls tonight or I'll show you more pictures of what happens to boys peepees" lol
Starter kit #tt
Good luck to my niqqaaa Jared Donaldson today as he plays Gael Monfils today in the first round!! #USOpen2014
Morning bouncy butt
I'm glad girls do sneaky things to blunt the noise of them using the restroom.... If I heard a girl poop I'd puke
Gawsh I wish I was with @dochansenation and Brynne tonight
My last tweet was rude
*Shmoney Dance
Happy 22nd Bday to my ole pal @spicenasty have a good one tonight twerp
The final "vine has gotten me paranoid"! Im done with vine it has drove me crazy!! #Getoutmecar #bruh #21 #...
I was hoping for a little bit more excitement from @Badmoods69 snapchat stories during wefest.
Haven't stopped listening to Often and Buy the World
Until I overdose..... #leanking
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It's about to get greasy on snapchat
And Vineyard Vine
Thank you for coming out tonight and all the gifts @lmguite2 @kenzworsnop @kworsnoprini Etc had a great birthday!!
Relaxing Sunday night in Crystal Cove....Thanks Adam
Jared Donaldsons hard work is paying off at the #DentTennisAcademy as he qualifies for his first 500 #atptour event
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The Big "A" with Doo Doo #angels
Chipotle has no Queso what the fuk you talkin bout Lord Zahui
It's deep out hurrr
I spend the other half of my day in wata @mikelondon52 @nicholashildebrandt @max_cohen_7
The Beats aren't even plugged in JB #smh
Dani Willson with her second straight title in a row after winning the Chapman University Junior Open! #usta 🏆�
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Congrats to these two on reaching the finals of the War by the Shore this past week #DentTennisAcademy #usta
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Twitter use to be fun when @atlantahondl tweeted more often
Because all I know is yayo
A series of floor hockey dangles leading to a goal is a good feeling
Ole girl isn't even thirsty, her ass dehydrated #wshh
You guys should try and say/sing rap lyrics but with the correct grammar.
Hehehe😂 this is actually how my sister acts until she gets her
@JocelynCullers: I don't like you I just thought you were cool enough to kick it” sorry @mseverson10
I've always been a Cavs fan since day 1 lol
Is it weird that I just watched my phone charge from 19% to 21%?