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Why are my nipples so dark.
"I smell fish" quickly looks for the closet girl. "excuse me miss, your vagina smells"
you remind me of tina off bobs burgers.
I used to get called Oreo and faggot
I give blowjobs to girls because I can't afford it.
Can I have a girlfriend that's funny πŸ˜‚
I'm the black friend your mom warns you about
Ice cream gets all the bitches.
People wish they had my sex life.
love is like me. it's dark and adorable.
I'm home alone... TIME TO GET SUPER NAKED!
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awko taco put it in a sockhole, yaaaa
Master bating on a airplane is good for the soul #yolo
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Who was the girl in my dream.
She mad cuz she white, she mad cuz I'm right.
Only black people skip school
Hatin on a nigga cuz I'm black.
When I grow up, I wanna b black
Worst hangover ever
Can I just pleasee get a retweet from every person that hates falling in reverse?
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My dick parts the sea, yo dick farts and queef.
I hate having a small penis
Black people are coolz
Kid cudi is my idol, fuck the fans I'm the primal.
WHO SUCKS DICK. I SUCK DICK. sike. I'm drunk.
Everyone deserves birthday sex.
I just wanna see some b00biez
Getting drunk on a school night. Oh wait I'm not going sup bitches. πŸ’•
I type good for being drunk
Someone be my fwb😏
Sucking dick 4 $$$$
Who wants to party tonight😏
My other nigga @KassyGuyette fucking hates my ass
My nigga took a shit and the spider was staring at me, so I pulled out my gun and was like WHAT'S GOOD BIEOTCH. That shit pissed itself.niga
I fucking love my brother
Just went grocery shopping drunkvmwdidns
I think I'm drunk ovjken
49.5% alcohol, what the fuck did I just drink. 😲
Me and my right hand man 😏
Lets just date already.