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what to do with my life…..
In 2008, McDonald's saved $278,850,000 by removing one of the two slices of cheese from the McDouble Cheeseburger.
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going to start research for the flick.
wanting to make a film that people can walk away from, but take something from it.
I have started writing a ruff draft of my book and so for its going well
i like my anime but this dude is really starting to put me off it
two in a row........go me!!!!!!!
my new book for the spare time in the day
so any way got a plan for my novel story, and its going to great for a bargain bin sale lol
trying out new things because of college and what is going to happen.
Playing batman origins and death stoke is being a right pain
Shopping with wife and having fun fun fun
nearly finished the animation project
Well things are going well and “I am back” by the way
More to come but me and my class are at a safe drive stay alive show
this dudes quote is helping me ways that are weird and great.
I entered's Battle of the Consoles giveaway. chance to win a PS4 or Xbox One:
The one of many of my favorite video games
creating more for my blog and this article is one that helps me believe that i can write about games and to make me feel better about myself.