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Landforms by Jason Fiske is a way of paying respect to the natural resources used to make them.
Pick up the Nov/Dec issue of @designbureaumag - I created a gift guide for them along with some other great folks including @jonathanadler and @nigelbarker.
This water pitcher not only benefits charity, but its design also carries a rich history:…
This diminutive apartment is the epitome of efficient small space living:…
Modern Geometric Steel Jewelry by Sarah Loertscher
Panasonic imagines the future of camera customization using snap-on 3D printed cases:
The Most Awesome Dining Table Ever + Imperfection
See the latest in our picks of affordable art prints w/Sebastian Foster by Britt Bass Turner:
Digging this geometric fabric on chairs from Younger. @220elm #hpmkt #highpointmarket #younger #geometric
Glass wrapped pendants from SkLO at #hpmkt. #sklo #glass #lighting #highpointmarket
The stool uses absolutely no joints in its construction:…
Monument Valley: Most Beautiful iOS Game Available Now
Designed by Mole Architects for a retiring couple, Stackyard is a two-story home on the border of Palgrave village in Suffolk that neighbors a farmhouse. Despite its rural location, the exposed timber house is completely modern. See more pics on \\\ Photo by David Butler.
Rossella Bisazza shares the elegant and artistic things that inspire her:…
Landforms: Paying Respect to the Spirit of Life
💤 @studiobananathings 😴 #naptime
Thanks everyone who joined today's #ModernMonday design chat, especially @IlanDeiVenice and @TakashiYanai1. See you right here next week.
A6: There is a spirit that is always incorporating new ideas and influences. Above all I think it is optimistic! #ModernMonday
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RT @Coverings A6: Innovation, evolution, adaptation: America was built on a rebellious nature to do things our own way. #ModernMonday
A6: Am. design had 2 basic principles that inspired me when I came to this country - 1. pragmatism, 2. ingenuity. #modernmonday
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@designmilk A6. That comfortable, effortless, and confidence that comes with good design. #ModernMonday
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Q6: What do you think unites all of American design? #ModernMonday
A5: It goes hand in hand with indoor/outdoor living in many ways. It's a respect for what our planet gives us. #ModernMonday
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A5: The West Coast leads the way for sustainability and design. You don't have to sacrifice style for eco-friendly. #modernmonday
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For ex., the drought in CA focuses our efforts to apply sustainable water-wise models when designing outdoor living environ. #modernmonday
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RT @IlanDeiVenice For us, sustainability is not an intellectual idea... #modernmonday
Q5: What is the role of sustainability in the West Coast design community and modern lifestyle? #ModernMonday
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A4: East coast can be more experimental, West Coast can learn design reliability and sensibility. #ModernMonday
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A4: Sometimes the culture of invention can too cavalierly discard the past. #ModernMonday
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A4: I think the West Coast could learn more from tradition. But I'm not talking about copying architectural styles. #ModernMonday
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RT @dwell Q4: What can the East learn from the West in terms of design and architecture and vice versa? #ModernMonday
A3: landscape architects and garden designers are my favorite collaborators. So important for environments on the West Coast. #ModernMonday
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RT @TakashiYanai1 A3: Cannot cannot cannot understate the importance of landscape design here. #modernmonday
A Rural Home in Suffolk for a Retiring Couple
"The outdoor rooms being defined by buildings + walls are as important as the indoor spaces themselves" #ModernMonday
A3: and for us now, we design everything from the outside environment first, then move inside #modernmonday
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A3: and therefore, outdoor was not secondary, but integral to how the bldg was constructed. #modernmonday
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RT @outsider_nyc A3. Outdoor living plays a huge role in design. More space means more to create and inspire consumers. #ModernMonday
Here's an awesome CA house that makes the most of outdoor living: #modernmonday
Q3: What role does outdoor living play in architecture and design on the West Coast? #ModernMonday
A2: This translates into good clean design that is appropriate to its function, efficient, beautiful and well thought out. #ModernMonday
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RT @Milan_Jara The West Coast design consumer has fresh ideas and innovative concepts - young and hip! #ModernMonday
RT @IlanDeiVenice A2: From our experience, it is people who have backyards and use it as actual livable space... #modernmonday
RT @TakashiYanai1 A2: Well I can only speak to our clients and there is definitely a tech influence on the West Coast. #ModernMonday
RT @IlanDeiVenice RT @outsider_nyc b/c less new buildings get built, many architects practice interior design #modernmonday
RT @dwell Q2: Who is the West Coast design consumer? What does he or she value? #ModernMonday
Maybe due to being "younger" in terms of arch/development? RT @TakashiYanai1 ... It is more forward looking. #ModernMonday