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Derry Dionne
Yahoo! Might Become iOS’s Default Search Engine - #DreamBig
Not sure if happy or not. My short URL service temporary died of CPU exceeded (Almost daily) due to excessive page hits..
Facebook Adds "Nearby Friends" to Show You Where Everyone's At -
I only consider all people who don't link their Instagram & Path posts to their Twitter feed as fully mature adults.
Screw these damn smartphones are too damn big. I'm going to use a damn flip phone like a damn FBI agent instead!
"Samsung's phones are still commodities, made to be sold but not loved."
Samsung Galaxy S5 review: The next big thing is a lot of little things |
Oh well, I'm actually too confident to be scared to talk to random women.
I'm going to use Google Glass to stealth photograph any hot chick standing in front of me that I'm too scared to talk with. #win
Have you ever been so fat until you need to take selfies in panorama mode?
I kinda love the new Twitter layout. Oddly enough, it looks like Facebook but I hate Facebook's somehow. Wait, what?
Nothing I hate more in life than the ending of 'How I Met Your Mother'. That's not even the right title for the show..
I hate it when I sing then someone backing-up my lead with even louder voice than me.. That's just wrong diva-moment in so many levels!
Instead of worrying to specifications, it's mandatory to know what you're going to use it for. You don't need 16MP phone cam for Instagram.
Hey, let's write a wise quote on our Twitter bio and expect people give a fuck about it!
It's pretty ironic that the top app on Android's playstore is developed by BlackBerry.
You know what really grind my gears? Unclickable confirmation email link.
Scaling issues, downtime, to the constant errors throughout years & now this.. Oh yea,Twitter engineers are incredibly incompetent.
So Twitter gives up on encrypting DM. I hope the next news won't be "Twitter joins everyone else on government data collection program."
I don't get it how those "funny accounts whatsoever" could get a hell of followers while all they Tweet is ads. And Google search results.
Well, in regard of Katy Perry. I think it's way more proper to say "watch" rather than "listen".
My brain is musical omnivore. I can literally enjoy listening to the simplest Katy Perry song to most complicated Dream Theater solo.
At least once of your life, try to not listen to music with headphone for a week. It's the best thing ever when you start to listen again.
The US is an "enemy of the internet" - | UK is the "World champion of survelliance"
Maybe people should learn about online music, cloud storage, and most importantly.. the true functions of phone or tablet.