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Derry Dionne
A friend of mine is an open gay but also hating on commitment. Can you imagine how forever alone his life will eventually be?
Women’s breasts should be treated the same way as men’s #equality
Does Facebook allow photos of mothers breastfeeding? -…. | "Yes, breastfeeding is natural and beautiful.."
The law of physics did not apply to Juninho's dead ball executions. Check 'em out! -
Though it hits the bar, I'm still masturbating to Andrea Pirlo's late free kick against England. Yet it's been 10 hours since the match.
That goal-line crap has been useless so far. How about creating anti-diving technology? 🙊
nar·cis·sis·tic, adjective; People who share excessive amount of selfies on Instagram.
Just met my ex. (Not imaginary) Not sure if turned prettier or just wearing better make-up.
Am I the only geek that is still booting Ice Cream Sandwich in my phone?
Some things shall never change. Like my old friends who always busy pretending being busy because they think it looks and sounds cool.
I had to watch the opening match from my phone because my TV satellite provider doesn't have the right of broadcasting world cup..
Neymar my ass. Man of the match was belong to Oscar! #BRA
Currently in Facebook deleting those stupid things I said when I was younger. #CleanSlateProtocol
Of course free to play games are free to download, and free to play. But it also has fee to pay because all in all, it's a pay-to-win.
People post everything about every single second of their life. It's not stalking when you read it. They simply abuse their own privacy.
The Internet Reacts To Microsoft's E3 Presentation -
How to Slack Off at Work (and Not Get Caught) -
If I could relate with the thing I know; The candidates wanna do 'interface tweaks'. While the nation needs more like.. 'system redesign'.
That Indonesia's presidential debate was just a bunch of claptrap. A lot of affirmations. But none explanation of procedures nor solutions.
Rumors is that it will have the functions of a desktop OS coming mobiles, whatever it is. And also major interface re-design; which is good.
Now just wait until the upcoming Google I/O 2014, see what Android Lollipop will be!
Wait, what, that's it? No new hardware?
They introduces a new iOS programming language called 'Swift'. It can live right beside C and Objective C in the same app. Wow.
Of course OS X should be free. You have to buy their $2,000 Facebook machine to run it. 😏
89% of iOS users have iOS7 while only 9% of Android users have KitKat. Oh well, that's interesting.