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Derry Dionne
You know what really grind my gears? Unclickable confirmation email link.
Scaling issues, downtime, to the constant errors throughout years & now this.. Oh yea,Twitter engineers are incredibly incompetent.
So Twitter gives up on encrypting DM. I hope the next news won't be "Twitter joins everyone else on government data collection program."
I don't get it how those "funny accounts whatsoever" could get a hell of followers while all they Tweet is ads. And Google search results.
Well, in regard of Katy Perry. I think it's way more proper to say "watch" rather than "listen".
My brain is musical omnivore. I can literally enjoy listening to the simplest Katy Perry song to most complicated Dream Theater solo.
At least once of your life, try to not listen to music with headphone for a week. It's the best thing ever when you start to listen again.
The US is an "enemy of the internet" - | UK is the "World champion of survelliance"
Maybe people should learn about online music, cloud storage, and most importantly.. the true functions of phone or tablet.
I still don't get it how can people fill their 64GB phone. And yet there's 128GB iPad. That would fit for a week of non-stop pornfest.
Facebook was cool before its annoying sidebar ads. Wondering if whatsapp would have a pop up ad every 10 chat bubbles or something.
I hate chatting with people. I hate chatting. And I hate people. So yeah pals, I don't play whatsapp.
I think that happiness is independent. It does not depend on what career you'll get or already got, except if work's everything for you.
Spending enormous time attending overpriced self-expression classes to get no chance of promising careers for the future; Art students.
Do old people still really read newspapers? If not, let's just announce its extinction if it hasn't already.
I guess that's a prove of how geek I am. Screw efficiency, yeay for effectiveness!
Questioning myself why do I have to get excited of having a quad core phone as only 30% of two cores are being used anytime.
I googled your name earlier... I clicked on 'I'm Feeling Lucky.'
Whoaa, love this Twitter redesign! (Am I late to say this?) By the way, another proof that less is more.
Wondering why saying black people are black is racist and saying blond people are stupid is not.
“Love is not having to hold your farts in anymore” - Random T-shirt
But honestly, 90% of fun I got from the games I play is probably when I install various mods I found on Mod DB.
Being a game modder is all about being a no-lifer couch potato who spend all your time to play a game as a not-a-gamer. That’s just sad.
Man my DM is filled by Path invite spams. This social network though, so privacy abuse, much stalks.
Leaked image of Bieber being arrested