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Derry Dionne
Is it weird that I think games look and feel so much better with 30 FPS than 60?
Oh look, Princess Jasmine sings the Queen Elsa's song!…
This week's Premier League table is the most unpredictable thing I've ever seen in a decade, and it's so damn good to watch.
A well tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men.
We Need More Fat Phones With Killer Battery Life -
Best part about reading online article is when you scroll down to the comment section and watch people fight for shit they don't know about.
I wanted to buy a PS4. But meh, I'll just wait some nerd makes the emulator for PC.
My mom reviews The Evil Within -
According to Internet people: If it's popular, good, and something they can't afford, then it's overrated.
The way how Korean men and women look the same is a genuine example of gender equality.
Netropolitan is a social network for "people with more money than time." It cost $6,000 to join + $3,000 annual fee.
There is literally not a single woman in this iPhone 6 queue!
Got 1TB storage on OneDrive since a year ago, and so far I use like 4MB.
Who talk about iPhone 6 more than anyone else on earth? Android users.
Meanwhile Apple stock is growing like 4.37% according to Google Now on my Chrome. It just randomly popped out though.
Features of Apple Watch on Moto 360 or LG G Watch R. That'd be great.
Apple is really really good at re-inventing inventions and making it looks like they invented those inventions.
Apple decided on going mid range, it seems. Fanboys don't care about specs anyway.
What if Michael Bay Directed "UP"? -
LG G Watch R: Hands on With the Best-Looking Smartwatch Yet -
Awww.. The snake is cuddling with a giant flying nope with nightmare hands. #Australia
Conscious brain-to-brain communication in humans using non-invasive technologies |
Inside the mind of a fanboy: Have you ever loved something so much it hurt? -
Yes, 64bit octa-core processor, 13MP camera (8MP front), 720p display, and 2GB RAM for a phone is considered as mid-range these days. *sigh*
HTC Desire 820 Hands-On: Big Numbers, Small Price Tag -
From the day on, I swear I'll just listen to the music and not watching its porn.. I mean.. music videos.
Apple quietly updated their iCloud logo today -
All this time I thought Iggy Azalea was black until I saw her music videos..
Take a tour of Destiny's planets with this awesome Planet View!
I'm connected through a Germany VPN right now and almost all Youtube videos are blocked by GEMA. You live like this all day, Germans!?
At least Mactype makes the text readable and also less-pixelated, especially when reading articles.
For those who hate the Windows font rendering, I just found this app: It copies OS X Quartz style. Works good.
Elders react to Oculus Rift -
Area-51 gets a makeover, it's Alienly pretty, I must say -
Recent played songs on my media player: "Black Widow, Bang Bang, Break Free, We Dem Boyz" Music did this finally, they ruined me!
So much things happening in my head. I kinda wish all that to be the main universe and this one I'm actually living is the alternate one.
There are so many 3rd party apps retired because of Twitter tokens limit..
It's weird seeing those Apple fanboy vs Anti-Apple folks war. It's like technology have become a modern type of religion.
World best programmers come from China. Sadly they don't make things in English, and they suck at GUI designing.
It's just odd buying a "4K Ultra HD TV" when there's not even a single content hits that resolutions for now.
"Step Up: All In". Awesome dances as ever but as always made me want to throw something to the screen whenever they start a dialogue.
Uh, not sure with Grande's terrible enunciation, but this is something: 'I only wanna die alive, never by the hand of a broken heart'..
If 'Flash Gordon' and 'Barbarella' threw a PG dance party, it would be Ariana Grande’s 'Break Free' music video -
The first thing Microsoft has to fix on the next Windows is their stupid Cleartype tech.
No matter how bad a musician is, as long as they make a song with excessive bass implementation, they will make it to the top.
If Google Now mishears you, correct it with saying "No, I Said..." -
The story behind the sweetest moment of World Cup ever -
Superbly surprised that Prabowo wins the quick count. Shouting for a better future but choose someone who literally promised for no changes.
Dear Brazil, next time please don't play with 4-5-0 again.
Don't worry. The best striker ever, Fred, will make 7 goals at injury time.