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Derrick Deane
Congrats to Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes... Damn, that kid's gonna be so photogenic.
Krispy Kreme to produce Ghostbusters themed donuts for the film's 30th anniversary starting Sept 29.
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Jason Bourne is back!! Matt Damon & Paul "Shaky-Cam" Greengrass negotiating return to franchise! #BourneNegotiations
Tom Hiddleston Goes to ‘Skull Island’
Disney sent this INTO THE WOODS poster this morning. Age is catching up to Meryl... oh, wait, that's make-up? :-)
You know it's late in the season when stuff like this starts to appear on the front page. #baseball #journalism
McDonald's expands build-your-own-burger experiment to more locations. Toppings include jalapenos & tortilla strips, among others. #business
Hiddleston is one way to get me but a theater ticket. Yea, I'm a Hiddle-bitch. Hmm, or Hiddle-Ho... Hiddle-Whore?.. hmm let me get bk to u.
Sorry, that last tweet was very Captain Obvious/Magic Johnson-y. LOL
Tom Hiddleston starring in SKULL ISLAND just made things very, very interesting...
McConaughey goes to Hoth and fights Tauntauns. :-)
Get ready to dodge Gatorade baths from all directions @Alex_Curry :-) #RedOctober
Sweating while watching sweaty players sweat. #MNF #heatwave
This Fall, don't miss "White Guys Lazily Wearing Dress Clothes" coming to literally every single network forever
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Give Me Another Chance To Know What You Did Last Summer. #remakes
"@AmandaJoy: @clementbryant @DerrickDeane Giving away a Season 1 Blu-ray on my blog tomorrow, in fact." #Arrow
Finally took the plunge and catching up on @CW_Arrow. Three episodes in and hooked. @clementbryant
"... My GPS stopped working two hours ago. I have no idea where I'm going... All right, all right."
20 years ago, my dad bought me an encyclopedia set for ~$100. Just looked it up on Amazon & it's $1.89... Internet killed encyclopedias.
LOL Congrats James Jones on securing the @SportsNation Top Jeer of September.
WTF @NFLonFOX? You broadcast the national anthem from the @Giants game, then cut away to a "sponsored program"?! Oh well, @NFLonCBS it is.
If ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown were Around the Horn, Tony Reali would have cut Ray Lewis' microphone five minutes ago.
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Sleep tight, Angelenos. Tomorrow we can make bad decisions about where to hike in the soul crushing heat of the day.
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U.S. Mint lost $55 million producing pennies in 2013, when the coin cost 1.83 cents to make.
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I'm hoping this @MensHealthMag list was made for humor. If not, it's a misguided one which I've accomplished 1/3 of.
"@UberFacts: When a male honey bee climaxes during sex, his testicles explode and he dies." O_o Oww! >_<
Just finished watching RUSH HOUR 3 on TNT... Honestly didn't remember ANY of it from the first time. LOL
Morningside v. Torrance is the 3rd one down. (Disregard the editing typo)… @breezesports #southbayfb
Ok, that's all the HS football from me tonight. Time to go eat dinner...
RB Christian Williams & his 200 rushing yards on 18 carries & 1 TD shined for Morningside. Also had 95 yd KO ret for TD. #southbayfb
Tossing four INTs doesn't help matters either. The final one was a dagger, putting Torrance up 35-14 midway thru the 4th. #southbayfb
Penalties killed Morningside tonight. Monarchs were flagged for nearly 100 yards. #southbayfb
.@breezepreps FINAL: Torrance 35, Morningside 20. Both teams now 1-1. #southbayfb
.@breezepreps Morningside WR Adarrus Wilso with the TD reception brings Monarchs back to 35-20, but only 11 seconds left. #southbayfb
.@breezepreps Torrance safety Casey Wright with the pick six. Torrance running away with this now, 35-14, 10:39 4th. #southbayfb
.@breezepreps End of 3rd: Torrance 28, Morningside 14. #southbayfb
.@breezepreps Torrance RB Tyree Harris with his third rushing TD on the night. Tartars up on Morningside 28-14, 4:38 3rd. #southbayfb
.@breezepreps Halftime: Torrance 21, Morningside 14. #southbayfb
.@breezepreps Torrance RB Tyree Harris with his second score of the game. Tartars up 21-14, 3:36 left in 2nd. #southbayfb
.@breezepreps End of first at Coleman Stadium, 14-14 tie between Morningside and Torrance. #southbayfb