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Derrick Deane
BREAKING UPDATE: Video appears to show ISIS execution of American Steven Sotloff: - @leeferran
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Amazon Updates Their Login Screen For The First Time In A Decade
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It needs a better title, but MY WIFE IS WAGATSUMA-SAN is one of my fave sci-fi drama mangas right now. Each chapter is so engrossing!
Highlight of the night: Watching an old guy drink the juice from a year old grapefruit. You win TV.
"@HuffPostEnt: What to watch on Netflix this month" Don't tell me what to watch. I'll watch what I wanna watch.
Fast-food workers are staging massive protests across the U.S.
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I think the key to success is believing in yourself as much as Vin Diesel believes in the RIDDICK franchise.
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The Apes have conquered Japan. (Joking aside, the real story behind the statue is pretty cool.) #japan #???????
Don't trust your eyes. This is a Japanese man.... Ok, I'm going to be a hermit now. #Japan #???????
Japanese "Batman" rides his 3-wheeler through Chiba prefecture, outside of Tokyo (Link fixed)
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I'd be covering TIFF next week except the websites I write for keep making other people wealthy before getting shut down.
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Dear @netflix, "foreign movies" is not a genre. What is this, a 1998 Blockbuster store?
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.@yuki_mihara あれ?勇希さん?違う?そくりちゃん?
This guy was sharing the hacked celeb nudes through Facebook weeks before they leaked.
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Reading is awesome! See, you just read that caption and that was awesome! Cuz you're awesome!....…
Takashi Miike made a 2 min zombie-vampire short for SMAPxSMAP and it's pretty awesome. IDK if it's online anywhere.
Biggest concern is her motor skills may have been compromised. If so, she would be in a vegetative state or wheelchair bound. #JoanRivers
Joan Rivers being taken out of medically induced coma.
Passes for @emeraldcitycon are now on sale! Guest list doesn't impress me yet, so I'm holding off, but FYI to all u con fans. #ECCC
モモクロ to close out the night. Ok, so SMAP closed out the show, but whatever. #fns??????? #????
This dude's reaction pretty much sums up the David Bowie "Let's Dance" cover performance happening on stage. LOL
A high-school baseball game in Japan drags on for 4 days and a record 50 innings: (photo: AFP)
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Nana Mizuki is the same age as me?! Wow, I feel underaccomplished. #fns??????? #????
Ah Chris Hart. That voice. Smooth like melted butter on a newborn baby's butt. :-) #ChrisHart #fns??????? #??????
LOL Sae... Pretty meh performance with Milky as center. #akb48 #???? #fns???????
Wow!! MIWAクロ sounds really good! O_o #fns???????
Momoiro Clover freaking out during a couple of Disney songs. The look on the lady's face behind them. LOL
.@Washio_Flower れいなちゃんー!!やばいい!! かわいいー!! :-) #EGirls #????
Remember little Mako Mori from PACIFIC RIM? Yea, she's been breaking into the J-Pop biz the past few years. #????
Momoiro Cover Z x SCANDAL... Masahiro Tanaka must be losing his mind watching this. LOL #Jpop
Time to wrap up summer with Fuji TV Summer Music Festival. Four hours strong! :-) #J-Pop
Instead of doing the ice challenge, I will donate $.10 for every retweet these facts about #ALS gets to raise money!
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能年!! カワイイー!!:-) #????? #VS?
Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked.
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Authorities will prosecute anyone who publishes the stolen photos (2/2) #JenniferLawrence
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Chris I~a~netta found his power during this series. HR puts #Angels up 8-1. #Sweep
Trouty smacks out number 31 on the season!! A new career high. #Angels #MVP