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Derranni ❤
"Santa has a little friend, his name is Dominic" 😂 best Christmas song#dominicthedonkeyy �
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Wish there was a rehab for people with food addictions. #checkmein #obsessed #gettingfat
Ahhh so nervous for tomorrow. #newjob #change #newgirl 😦😊
Absolutely love #TheApprentice... hilarious!
Buy your own butter!? Are you taking the fucking piss.
#SecondarySchoolMemories the teachers telling you the story of the boy who swung back too far on his chair & cracked his head open and died.
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All Sharon goes on about is her dickhead son Denny, #eastenders
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Oh, thats funny, I swear last week you said you hated her. Now you're best friends?
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Over time I've discovered that I don't want a relationship, I just want company.
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I've forgotten what clothes I wear when it's raining? #awks #shitweather #noclothes
Some people really need to cooooool it on the blusher. #ridiculous #barbie
Just woke up...practically slept my bday away... #oops
I have some real crazy friends... @N10Catalonia
@derrannigeorgia happy birthday me old fruit, have a lovely day mate :D
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@derrannigeorgia Happppy Biirthdaaaaay Baaaaaaby!!!! 😘😘😘🎁🎈🎊🎉🎋
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Nan just text me saying happy birthday.. followed by... did you pee the bed? #crazylady #birthdaygirl
My family love going for meals on the days I'm not home. #waa #leftout
£20 for a single ticket from Bath to Cardiff on a this a joke!?!? #wtf #steep
I really wanna know why people put eyelashes on their car? Looks fucking ridiculous. #carlashes #stupid
Some people take some odd looking pictures. #weird #insta
Started the first series yesterday and almost on second series #saddo
HATE when people put a downer on my mood. #goaway
Happy thismorning! Finally achieved my 1 stone award, club 10 & to top it off received a lovely goody…
Men or shall I say boys doing blow job gestures as we wait at the traffic lights is just what I love first thing in the morning. #grosse
Just dozed off whilst looking for jobs... #soboring #drained
Can't believe I've always put on job applications I had a B in Sociology A Level..just found my certificate & apparently I got an A. #fool
2nd time today I've been asked my age...I tell them & they have looked at me in shock..followed by 'wow! you look much older' #cheersforthat
Karma this is. I'm telling you.
Definitely missing peace & quiet drifting off to sleep. All I can hear is the dual carriageway and barking dogs. #shh
I need some single friends in my life. #youngwildnfree
I don't even think about, watch/read anything or believe in aliens..
What is about this bedroom & crazy dreams. #insane #alieninvasion #lastnight
Been looking for jobs for the past two days & this is the first one i've actually got excited about #mentalheath #casework #iwantit
Back to Bath tomorrow, get the last of this moving out done then I can start catching up with people... #movinghome
You're gone and I got to stay high all the time... #hippiesabotage