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Derek DeVries
Watch Captain America fight Iron M... wait, wait, wait: there's Black Panther…
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Muslimah walking to the mosque followed by an armed protestor in Texas. Absolutely terrifying.
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Confirmed sighting at the Standale Meijer of @blakeshardciderco #ElChavo
NYC commuters angry over Nazi decorated subway trains - "[the] ad promotion passed the company's internal review"
That “most used words” Facebook quiz is a privacy nightmare
"#Design is the intermediary between information and understanding." - Hans Hofmann
MFW the new Stadium Series @DetroitRedWings jerseys were unveiled:
Belgians responded to a terrorist threat by tweeting pictures of their cats all night…
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If my hand was tempura battered and fried I would eat it.
Trump's doing the full Loose Change/truther thing now, quoting later corrected/debunked accounts from 9/11 aftermath as proof.
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An Army colonel is in trouble for complaining that a $500k gas station cost $43 million to build #ShootTheMessenger
😭👍�@HuffingtonPostost: This little boy emptied his piggy bank to help a defaced”
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We go live to the Buckeye post game coverage. #MSUvsOSU
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Black man protesting Donald Trump event in Alabama gets tackled, assaulted & forcibly removed. #BlackLivesMatter
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Physical altercation breaks out at Trump rally; WATCH:
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"Teenagers used to fantasize about becoming the next Jimmy Page; now they dream of becoming the next Larry Page." - @jasontanz
How “financially literate” are you? Here's a quick test to find out.…
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Man briefly kept from boarding flight after complaint that he spoke Arabic
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A Pizza Hut delivery person found an injured customer, and stayed to comfort her until help came.
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"Despite all they’ve endured—the brave, hardworking children I met remain hopeful" —@POTUS:
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Ansel Adams's subversive images of Japanese internment
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The Force is Duct-Taped in Low-Budget ‘Sweded’ FORCE AWAKENS Trailer | Nerdist
A POTUS tweet going viral doesn't show the power of a platform/tactic. POTUS could go viral on Ello. Show me an ordinary example of success.
Doodle of the repairman who tracked dirt into the office last week.
#GrandRapids #Rainbow
Happy #PRWednesday! Tonight @derekdevries from @LambertEdwards presents "Big Firms" in Niemeyer 148 at 9!
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Folksy, homespun racism is still racism. cc: @GovMikeHuckabee
Ancillary tools (test banks etc.) as scalability tool. Good point @nfinkbeiner. #opened15
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I'm in a meeting where no one just understood a "Star Wipe" reference.
.@MarkRaganCEO asks "How many of you have produced crap this week?" re: news releases. Hands shot up pretty darn fast. #prville
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Anyone else aghast that 15% of the US population believes the gov't should be able to block protest news coverage?…
Google+ is the Sean Bean of social networks.
Google is relaunching Google+ and wants you to give it a second chance | @dailydot…
#FunFact: If you scroll all the way to the bottom of your Facebook feed, it's just articles from "Ranger Rick" & "Highlights for Children"
Congressman: To stop ISIS, let’s shut down websites and social media | Ars Technica
This Is What It Looks Like When You House the Homeless Instead of Criminalizing Them
Thought @MIGOP was law & order party; Establishment must have an exception for crimes which are against Tea Partiers…
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if only we had a seasonally appropriate story about middle eastern people seeking refuge being turned away by the heartless
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Dear Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, and Judith Miller: you are despicable, reprehensible, repugnant piles of human garbage.
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.@mitchellvii Burnouts don't have recurring roles on the #1 syndicated TV show (Big Bang Theory). Geek culture is relevant in 2015.

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