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Derek DeVries
Mom made blueberry cake with berries from my parents' farm...
Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality? Welcome to #Westworld. Coming 2016 on @HBO.…
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Someone tell the #BlackLivesMatter protesters attacking @BernieSanders that they're protesting the wrong candidate…
Tragen cooling off at the farm.
Joe Perry remembered right: @Aerosmith played @GVSU in band's early days #anchordown
LE&A has gone to the dogs again: Abby brought Tiger in for some design consulting (and shoot some hoops).
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The U.S. Declared War On Veteran Homelessness — And It Actually Could Win
And the winners of the #GOPdebate: @BernieSanders and everyone who is not a republican.
Once debate twitter died I started watching old Jon Stewart clips and I’m pretty happy with that choice.
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From the #Aerosmith show in #GrandRapids Tuesday #latergram
MIT claims to have found a “language universal” that ties all languages together #ChomskyFTW
Baby Boomers: stop writing patronizing articles about Millennials. That got old 10 years ago, before you were even in diapers.
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My friend Anastacia just published a book on food. It's delicious. (The book, not the food.)
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.@PRSA is in great hands with @bonnieupright and @samsims as nominees for the 2016 board of directors!… #hearhear
Toys in the motherfucking attic!
Dream on #aerosmith #grandrapids
I like that Joe Perry keeps it real: you only actually need one humbucker and nothing else. Everything else is for show.
Joe Perry is the hottest elderly woman ever.
For realz... #aerosmith #grandrapids
Aaaand now Brad Whitford is covering "Sunshine of Your Love" with @LivingColourOfficial...
This is dope: Corey Glover of @LivingColourOfficial is walking around singing and taking selfies with the audience.
Next time someone says "Data Driven" you will be unable to think of anything but this...
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The beagles are in thundercloud formation...
"I hate you for instagramming this." - Walter #beagle
Amazon's Dash Buttons Are Here, And You Can Buy Them For $5 #InternetOfThings
Charles Koch wrote a WSJ oped in 2012 slamming govt subsidies. Since then, his firm accepted $77M of such subsidies:…
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Buzz Aldrin proves the federal government has a form for everything:
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Don't mind if I do...
It's. Here. #explodingkittens
Neighborhood cat calls next game. He says you're weak in the paint.
.@GovMikeHuckabee Bro, do you even Posse Comitatus?
Mature and thoughtful are not the words that come to mind as the first GOP debate nears.…
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RT @p2wy: Sometimes combining two of your favorite things just doesn't work out. [frying bacon and the nudist lifestyle?]
Could a simple blood test help to monitor concussions?
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How in the blue hell did it get to be the last Thursday in July?
News Outlets Prove, Once Again, Their Photo Bias When It Comes to Black People Being Killed
Is this a rare instance where #PR people get to chide journos for not doing their homework before reaching out?…
Hey Google, what are the odds ANYONE who uses emojis actually knows what a VHS tape is?
Pretty basic, but liked this stat: 92% of all B2B buying decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth recommendations.…
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Cecil the lion's final photograph.
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'@MikeMartinez_DN talks about the "Hunger Games Board" at @detroitnews' that ranks reporters on article popularity
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'@NIRI_National CEO Jim Cudahy interviews LE&A's Bob Burton at @NYSE to discuss investor relations certification
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