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Derek DeVries
Dantonio: Michigan State's last TD was because of a Michigan player's pregame antics [LOL]
Every time a motorcycle revs its engine at a stoplight, America loses 1/16" of median penis length. #themoreyouknow
Lovely fall #PureMichigan day to walk the dogs.
Get rich by giving up lattes? Not so fast
Expert: My Michael Brown Autopsy Analysis Was Taken 'Out Of Context'
1 billion votes cast since 2000. 31 cases of voter impersonation. 600k+ voters will be disenfranchised in Texas.…
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The 1st American to die in Iraq War 3 is a Marine lance corporal named Sean P. Neal. He died in a "non-combat" incident in Baghdad. RIP
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RT @thewebber2020: find rare classic Christmas cars in Australia [looking more for late-model Bastille day cars in Kuala Lumpur]
“Be curious, I know I will forever be”: Stephen Hawking joins Facebook and instantly inspires fans
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NPR article describes #millennials and their dislike of voicemail as "pragmatic." I completely agree: #GenY
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Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off — The Cauldron — Medium #preach
Felicia Day's public details put online after she described Gamergate fears | Technology #notcool #gamergate
3 Key Findings in Chapel Hill’s Academic-Fraud Investigation | The Chronicle of Higher Education
Memo reveals major newsroom changes coming at the Detroit Free Press | Crain's Detroit Business
Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer (OFFICIAL) - YouTube #dammitHydra
#WMPRSA Pitching Morning Producers program (@ Eve - @EveAtTheBOB in Grand Rapids, MI)
RT @JailynGlass: So inspiring + reassuring to hear alumni speak. #GVPRAlum [it will be okay - it will]
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Networking networking networking! Thank God I love talking and people! #GVPRalum @GV_PRSSA
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#GrandPR applications open - get firm experience while you are at GV #GVPRALUM
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Be sure to follow our Alumni panel now and tweet any q's their way after the mtg tomorrow: @FASHASH22 @MegSusterich @domdipiazza #GVPRAlum
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US jury convicts Blackwater security guards in deaths of Iraqi civilians | US news
Conservative Think Tank: You Dumb Broads Worry Too Much About Roofies
Holy crap! Rev. Steve Newlin was on an episode of Firefly!
Guillermo Del Toro Enters the Drift for Two PACIFIC RIM Sequels « Nerdist
Why some newspapers are abandoning endorsements (Updated) : Columbia Journalism Review
Okay, Canada: It’s time for the hard truth about Tim Hortons [hilarious and worth a read]
WATCH: Pumpkin Fest Organizer Threatens To 'Pull The Plug' On Local Reporter [how not to do crisis PR for nonprofits]
Please vote for the #GrandRapids Women's Resource Center as the charity partner for the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon:
Women's Resource Center is in the running to be selected as the fourth charity partner for the Gazelle Girl Half...
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. @Dabdelhakiem If u use the phrase "gay scenes", u are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia. #oneLOVE
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GOPer DeMaio Mocked Dem Staffer With Photo Of Overweight Woman
Federal Housing Finance Agency Unveils Plan to Loosen Mortgage Rules (we have learned nothing)
Tweets from accounts you don't follow will soon appear in your timeline - The Next Web
Do journalists have an obligation to tell a source their story will be used in sponsored content? | RJI
Priceless. The FBI's own website recommends enabling encryption on cell phones, as the FBI director condemns it.
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Just saw a woman total three cars on Fulton because she wasn't paying attention and caused a rear-end chain reaction. Stay safe people.
"Newton created a neural bridge from garbage and drifted with a Kaiju!"
"We're not just the world's policeman; we're the world's Ferguson, Missouri policeman." - @billmaher
I've got two words for David Frum: East Timor.
BISSELL Howloween Hoof and Woof (@ Manhattan Recreation Area in East Grand Rapids, MI)
To whomever designed this season's posters for the @GRcivictheatre: bang-up job - they are fantastic!
Ben Folds! (@ DeVos Performance Hall - @DeVosPerfHall for Grand Rapids Symphony: Symphonic Boom: Ben Folds)
Grand Rapids: where people think it's okay to stare at the handicapped.
I want to tweet about how terrible Verizon's network is in West Michigan, but I'd have to have a signal to do so.