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Derek DeVries
The LE&A Day of Fun is FUNderway...
How To Turn Your Mindless Doodles Into Productivity Enhancers | Fast Company | Business + Innovation h/t @adriwall
'Like Lingerie for Men': How Statement Socks Became So Trendy - The Atlantic h/t @hwietzel
New York Times Plans Cutbacks in Newsroom Staff
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AT&T’s congestion magically disappears when it’s signing up new customers | Ars Technica
Save the dates! PRep School with @adriwall and @derekdevries will be Nov. 6, 13, and 20. $10 each, or $25 for all 3 sessions.
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@edgarwright when Shaun and Ed had a cameo in the Land of the Dead storyboards- happy birthday SOTD!
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The mighty Mantis shrimp may be able to “see cancer” - (thanks Aurore Giguet)
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If you work for/with a company that spams blog posts with comments linking to client sites, I hope you die of a painful genital fungus.
▶ No One Can Understand True Detective with Joel McHale & Jim Rash from Joel McHale, Jim Rash, and The Soup
Burn Noticed - The Daily Show [these Reps should be impeached]
Bugging out: How rampant online piracy squashed one insect photographer | Ars Technica
Ellen Page and Kate Mara are Tiny Detectives · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club
Downtown bright and early for agency tours with @teamddm and @LambertEdwards! Thanks @GV_PRSSA for setting them up!
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Hey @GV_PRSSA: The Resume Section That Matters More Than You’d Think | @TIME… #imPRessed
Benefit of being up early:
I had forgotten how many dirt squirrels live in Lowell.
GV PRSSA Resume Workshop (@ Glenn A. Niemeyer Living Center - @GVSU in Allendale, MI)…
The FCC Hasn’t Decided How It Will Enforce Net Neutrality | TechCrunch
Emma Watson Naked Photo Countdown Hoax - Business Insider #SimmahDahnNah
Gmail users no longer have to join Google Plus #PR
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Student writes heartbreaking letter about dropping out of college
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Why *didn't* Leonardo da Vinci invent a flying machine? He lacked the infrastructure to experiment:… (by @wagongrrl)
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Epic Dandelion-Gobbling Baby Doxies Make Happiest Video on Youtube #Perpehs
GLIAC apologizes to Grand Valley State for 2 incorrect penalties in Ohio Dominican loss
This Photographer Taught 1,500 Puppies How To Swim. These Are The Impossibly Adorable Results. #Eermahgerd
Congress Heads Home After Exhausting Eight Days of Work - The Wire
A6: Was once asked to do something illegal. Refused and work environment became ...difficult. Still made the right choice. #PREthics
RT @chevd80 How would you handle a situation if someone takes credit for something they did not create for a client? #PREthics
A5: Also, if done properly (with tagging) crediting a source can actually improve the reach of your posts. #PREthics
A5: Better to generate your own content whenever possible. There are myriad free/low-cost tools (like Canva) to help you do this. #PREthics
A5: Also be aware crediting a source doesn't absolve you of legal culpability for IP infringement - you can still get sued. #PREthics
A5: You ALWAYS (underscore, bold, font size 16) need to give credit to the work of others. #PREthics
A4: You can also remind the client that most platforms allow reviews *of* reviews so it won't work; shill reviews don't get seen. #PREthics
Q4: If you disclose it's ethical, but inadvisable because it's shilling. Offer an alternative approach: asking valued customers #PREthics
A3: It used to be that if you tarnished your reputation you could move to a new city. The Internet ended that practice. #PREthics
RT @PRVille A3. Lack of transparency = lying by omission. #PREthics
A3: Start out lying - it's hard to stop. May get away with it at first but will inevitably scorch all past & present relationships #PREthics
A3: Just ask the former head of PR for Wal-Mart #PREthics
A2: Giving the benefit of the doubt is important; there are a lot of people who have had no exposure to comm ethics theories #PREthics
A2: I wish I had a good answer to the question. It's a really hard thing to do as a new PR pro b/c it can get you fired. #PREthics
A1: If all else fails, drop a $20 bill on the floor during the interview as a test to see if they return it to you #PREthics
A1: Looking up former employees on Linkedin and reaching out to them is also a valuable avenue for info #PREthics
A1: Start by doing your homework with the Internet; wikipedia,, glassdoor #PREthics